Celebrate Independence Day through Kids Yoga

Happy Independence Day!

We have been living in our adopted country of United States for over four years now and finally getting into the groove of the July 4th Cookout.  Given that my hubby is Australian, we love the idea of an all-day barbeque.  I’d love to share some kids yoga sequences, books, and activities to celebrate this special day.

Independence Day through Kids Yoga

Option #1:
12 kids yoga poses inspired by USA book

A kids yoga sequence inspired by M is for Majestic: A National Parks Alphabet  by David Domeniconi and Pam Carroll.

The postures are in a specific sequence to invite flow from one pose to the next.  Feel free to add or skip any of the poses, depending on the age and engagement of your children.  This list is simply a guide to give you inspiration and creativity is encouraged.

USA: 12 Kids Yoga Poses
Inspired by M is for Majestic: A National Parks Alphabet

 Lighthouse in Acadia National Park – Mountain Pose
(stand tall with arms to your side)

Yucca Tree in Joshua Tree National Park – Tree Pose
(stand on one leg, place the sole of the other feet on your inner thigh, and then switch sides)

Free-Tailed Bat in Carlsbad Caverns National Park – Standing Forward Bend
(stand tall, then bend your torso over, and let your arms hang low)

Polar Bear in Glacier Bay National Park – Downward-Facing Dog Pose
(step back to hands-and-feet, and walk like a bear)

Roadrunner in Big Bend National Park – Pigeon Pose
(bring right knee to rest behind right hand, tuck in right foot, and rest down)

Timber Wolf in Isle Royale National Park – Cat Pose
(come up to hands-and knees, look up, and howl like a wolf)

Humpback Whale near Channel Islands National Park – Whale Pose
(lay on your belly, bend your knees, and take your arms back alongside your body)

Crocodile in the Everglades National Park – Crocodile Pose
(lay on your belly, and turn your head to rest on one cheek)

Snowshoe Rabbit in North Cascades National Park – Hero’s Pose with Bunny Breath
(come up to rest back your heels, place your hands on your knees, and exhale a few short breaths)

Prairie Dog in Wind Cave National Park – Kneeling Pose
(come up to kneeling pose, and look around like a prairie dog)

Bighorn Sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park – Seated Twist
(come back to resting on your heels, and twist your upper body)

Sea Turtle in Dry Tortugas National Park – Extended Child’s Pose
(from Hero’s Pose, bend forward, rest your forehead in front of your knees, and extend your arms out front)

Star-Gazing from a Mountain Top – Resting Pose
(lay on your back, stretch your arms and legs out, close your eyes, and rest)

Download a printable version of this USA yoga sequence

Option #2:
7 sun salutes inspired by SouthWestUSA

Last year, our family went on a 6 week RV road trip around SouthWest USA.  Here are 7 Sun Salutes inspired by SouthWest USA to practice at your 4th of July cookout.

Option #3:
Recommended books or kids activities on USA

A few links to books and activities from other mommy bloggers in the Kid Blogger Network.

18 Patriotic Picture Books for 4th of July by No Time for Flash Cards

4th of July Pack inspired by America the Beautiful book by 3 Dinosaurs

Kids Books that Celebrate Fireworks, the Flag, and July 4th by KC Edventures

Make a Statue of Liberty Torch and Crown, then watch a Virtual Tour by Buggy and Buddy

Why the Statue of Liberty is Green by Buggy and Buddy

Independence Day Songs, Crafts, Activities, and Poems by Child Fun

What are you doing to celebrate Independence Day with your families?!

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