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Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Toddler Yoga Lesson Plan | Kids Yoga Stories

Polar Bear Polar Bear Yoga Lesson Plan

Toddlers love yoga. And toddlers love Bill Martin Jr  and Eric Carle books. So, today we’re sharing a Polar Bear Yoga Lesson Plan to go with the popular book Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Amazon affiliate link). Fellow kids yoga teacher Joie Scott has put together a printable of this toddler yoga […]

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26-Pack of Bedtime Yoga Cards for Toddlers and Preschoolers to match Good Night, Animal World yoga book | Kids Yoga Stories

4 Ways to Play with Bedtime Yoga Cards

Bedtime yoga is a miracle in our household! Our spirited and active toddler doesn’t get lethargic when she’s tired—she gets wired. Even with our nightly ritual of the 4 B’s (Bath, Brush teeth, Books, and Bed), sometimes a warm bath doesn’t calm her down from her highly stimulated day. On the days when she needs […]

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Garden Yoga poses for kids inspired by Eric Carle books >> Kids Yoga Stories

Eric Carle Books and Garden Yoga

My daughter’s school is just finishing up with their garden unit. They have been watching a classroom caterpillar as it turns into a butterfly, planting flowers in the front garden, and reading garden-themed books. It’s been fun seeing her get excited about learning – especially because the topic is meaningful to her as she watches […]

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Say Yes to Yoga for Babies and Toddlers! - Benefits of Yoga written by AskaNanny.com on Kids Yoga Stories

Say Yes to Baby Yoga

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Stef from AskaNanny.com who is a firm supporter of toddler and baby yoga.  She details the benefits of yoga for babies and toddlers below from her experience as a nanny and mother of two young boys.   I love yoga for babies and toddlers – […]

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Two Yoga Stories for toddlers and preschoolers by Kids Yoga Stories

Two Kids Yoga Stories to Energize and Relax [Press Release]

Teaching Children to Embrace the Delight in Daily Transitions is “Child’s Play” with Two Complementary Books from Kids Yoga Stories Helping children to awaken energized and to relax at bedtime are often challenging tasks for parents.  Waking energized and enjoying calm, restorative sleep are closely connected. Parents can now easily create delightful daily transitioning experiences […]

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Yoga Poses for toddlers inspired by Hello Baby! by Mem Fox >> Kids Yoga Stories

Mem Fox Book and Toddler Yoga

We love Mem Fox’s books at our house.  Possum Magic and Koala Lou are both favorites in our collection of Australian books.  We’ve made a special effort to expose our daughter to Australian-themed books and Australian authors as part of her heritage. Mem Fox lives in Adelaide, Australia, and has written over thirty children’s books.  […]

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Easy yoga poses inspired by pets | Kids Yoga Stories

Animal Friends Yoga

As you probably know, yoga postures were invented thousands of years ago by yogis mimicking their natural environment.  That’s why you find often yourself in tree pose, cat pose, and mountain pose during yoga class. On our website, you may have seen some of our animal yoga sequences for kids, including zoo animals, farm animals, […]

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Fun with numbers, books, and yoga | Kids Yoga Stories

Fun with Numbers, Books, and Yoga

This month for Virtual Book Club for Kids, we are spotlighting books by Denise Fleming. She is the author and illustrator of twenty children’s books, and she’s been painting since a young age.  The Ohio native describes her books as a family effort.  I love that because my yoga stories are also a family collaboration. […]

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10 Kids Yoga Gfits for Toddlers | Kids Yoga Stories

10 Yoga Gifts for Toddlers

Yoga is about creating a union between your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a lifestyle that encourages wise choices healthy, happy living. Though nothing is needed to practice yoga, a few tools have made practicing yoga with my daughter even more fun. The following kids yoga products would make fabulous gifts for the seasoned or […]

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Toddler Yoga Book Review and Giveaway

Introducing the Toddler Yoga Book Review and Giveaway with Kids Yoga Stories Enter contest at bottom of the post via the Rafflecopter online giveaway tool. This is week #3 in our 10-Week Kids Yoga Resources Reviews and Giveaways. Welcome to a program specifically designed for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers:  Itsy Bitsy Yoga.  I just discovered […]

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Why Do You Love Teaching Yoga to Children?

This “passion” post is part of our monthly theme at Kids Yoga Stories.  I have been reflecting on the love of teaching yoga to children. Our family is creating a yoga practice together, making it up as we go along.  At home.  In the park.  At the airport.  Wherever we go, there’s our yoga practice.  […]

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