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PLAYful Preschool Virtual Homeschool Group

Are you teaching or homeschooling preschool-aged children?

I’ve just joined this PLAYful Preschool Virtual Homeschool Group, and I want to share it with you!

A month ago, I wrote an article describing my job as a mom as teaching my daughter about kindness in preparation for her going to preschool this year. While she’s not at preschool, my goal is to create an environment where she’s learning, moving, and having fun in a PLAYFUL way!

Even though I have a background in education, I’m finding that teaching my daughter is completely different than teaching in a classroom. And I have primary school experience, not toddler-preschool experience.

So, when I saw an invite to join this PLAYful Preschool Virtual Homeschool Group by mom/educator and blogger Amanda of Educators’ Spin On It, I jumped at the chance to join the online group.

Imagine this: you get to connect with other moms from the comfort of your home. Amanda provides a year’s worth of preschool resources and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded moms to share and learn together.

About the PLAYful Preschool Virtual Homeschool Group

Right now, the PLAYful Preschool private Facebook page has invaluable resources to get you started:

  • Preschool Assessment Pack – includes observation-recording sheets and checklists for learning first concepts
  • Family Theme Pack – with ideas and printables on teaching a family theme
  • Preschool Journal – a one-page printable to create a daily journal
  • Videos – for children and parents on weekly themes and how-to guides
  • Weekly challenges – for parents to help with organizing their homeschool curriculum and schedule
  • Ideas for teaching monthly themes – September’s themes are apples, family, farm, and harvest

My daughter and I have been enjoying our first autumn here in New England. We have been having fun reading fall-themed books, going apple picking, visiting local farm festivals, and taking nature walks. And now, I can check out Amanda’s resources to look for ways to deepen our learning experiences about these autumn themes.

Throughout the year, I’ll also be making suggestions for integrating yoga into your preschool curriculum.

For example, for the farm theme you can combine their Preschool Farm Activities with our Farm Animals Yoga sequence:

Make a Mystery Animal Book (Educators’ Spin On It)

Farm book horse page from Farm preschool activities

Farm Animals Yoga (Kids Yoga Stories)

Farm Animals Yoga

Join the Preschool Virtual Homeschool Group

If the PLAYful Preschool program hosted by The Educators’ Spin On It is of interest to you, click here for more information or register (click on image below) for a membership for the 2014-2015 September to May school year.

Your $29.95 yearly membership includes:

  • Bonus learning activities
  • Teacher support
  • Weekly discussion questions
  • Troubleshooting and advice
  • Weekly teaching videos to watch with your child
  • And a place to share your child’s successes!

If you’re signing up, I’ll see you in the PLAYful Preschool Virtual Homeschool Group private Facebook community!

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