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10 Things that I Learned from Yoga Teacher Training

I was thrilled to contribute to Becky’s Kid World Citizen blog!  Here is the article that I wrote, reflecting on what I learned from Yoga Teacher Training:

10 Things that I Learned from Yoga Teacher Training

When I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training in 2005, I wanted to deepen my practice and gain an understanding of the history and culture of yoga. Learning about the ancient yoga principles transformed my life on and off the mat.  For me, yoga is about being human and about living in happiness, health and harmony.

With such a deep message, it made me wonder how to share this with children.  Here is what I learned about yoga and how I hope to share with kids:

Yoga means “union.”  The aim is to create a balance between my mind, body, and spirit.  I believe that children can begin to grasp this concept through activities that bring together their intellect, physical body, and relationships with those around them.  My goal through my children’s books is to have children reading, acting out the story, and having fun together – helping them balance their mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is a way of life.  The yogic principles guide us in being productive, responsible, and engaged human beings.  Yoga happens in everyday life, not just on my yoga mat.  Children can learn about happiness, kindness, honesty, gratitude, passion, and self-esteem in their homes, classrooms, or yoga studios.

Yoga first began thousands of years ago in India.  It’s hard to imagine that the ancient principles are relevant in today’s world.  Perhaps, more than ever…

Read the rest of the Lessons from Yoga Teacher Training article here.


An Indian sage named Patanjali put together a book called The Yoga Sutras.

What is Yoga?: A Discussion Book for Little Yogis

Here is a downloadable What is Yoga? Discussion Book to print out, cut in half, and staple in the top left corner.  Read through the little book with your children or students to discuss the culture and history of yoga!

Have you taken Yoga Teacher Training?  What did you learn from the training?

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