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Africa Yoga

Becky is a educator, speaker, and mom who writes her Kid World Citizen blog filled with activities to do with your children, inspiring them to be global citizens.  Here’s how she describes the purpose of her website “I developed Kid World Citizen to be able to share the educational activities that I have used in my classroom and at home with my 4 children to increase global and cultural awareness.

Becky asked me to write an article about how to create a kids yoga experience at home.  She has four children and is always looking for ways to have fun and bond with her family.  Here is the article written with a African-themed kids yoga sequence:

How to Learn, Be Active, and Have Fun with your Family

This is the last in a 3 part series on Yoga for Kids. In Part 1, I shared 10 Things that I Learned from Yoga Teacher Training, reflecting on the history and culture of yoga. Part 2, I shared 14 ways that Yoga is Beneficial for Children. Now let’s look at how we can bring yoga and a sense of adventure into our homes.

I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. Now, being a new mom and running a small business, we probably won’t be going there any time soon, right? However, we can bring Africa to us … to our living room or backyard instead!

Africa map yoga for kids- Kid World Citizen

If there’s somewhere that you dream of visiting, then why don’t you pretend to go there with your little ones in a Family Yoga experience? Movement and imagination – a perfect combination!

Here’s how to create a Family Yoga experience at home:

1. Brainstorm a list of countries that each family member would like to visit one day. Get out a large poster board and markers, and record everyone’s ideas. All ideas are welcome.

2. Pick a place that you’d like to use for today’s Family Yoga journey. Let’s pretend that we are going to Tanzania, Africa.

Read the rest of the Yoga for Kids: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a
Family Yoga Experience at Home (Part 3 of 3) article here


Download the Kids Yoga sequence with an African theme

Picture taken in Tanzania by Hilary, a friend of mine.



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