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5 Woodland Forest Animals Yoga Poses Using a Chair (+ Printable Poster)

This post is part of our chair yoga poses series! Today’s theme feature woodland forest animals!

These five woodland forest animals-themed yoga poses could be done:

  • during a transition time in the classroom
  • during a subject change in your homeschool classroom
  • at home when you’re stuck indoors
  • when you would like to practice yoga in a small space

Begin your pretend visit to the forest with Mia’s Mountain Hike. Take a hike through the forest and imagine all the things you’ll see there. Engage the children’s five senses as they bring the forest to life with their minds and bodies.

Clear the space, grab a chair, practice barefoot, and unleash your imagination!

5 Woodland Forest Animals Yoga Poses Using a Chair

1. Eagle Pose – Pretend to be an eagle

How to practice Eagle Pose: Come to sitting up tall on your chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Wrap your left leg around your right. Bring your bent arms out in front of you, wrap your right arm around your left arm, and bend your knees slightly. Pretend to be an eagle perched in a tree. Switch sides and repeat the steps.

Eagle Pose on a chair | Kids Yoga Stories
Eagle Pose

2. Squat Pose – Pretend to be a squirrel

How to practice Squat Pose: Come down to a squat in front of your chair with your knees apart and your arms between your knees. Pretend to be a squirrel gathering acorns.

Squat pose with a chair | Kids Yoga Stories
Squat Pose

3. Downward-Facing Dog Pose – Pretend to be a bear

How to practice Downward-Facing Dog Pose: Come to standing just in front of your chair, facing the chair. Place your hands flat on the front of the chair and slowly step back so that your arms are stretched out straight in front of you. Straighten your spine, ensure your legs are hip-width distance apart, and look down between your legs. Pretend to be a black bear roaming the forest.

Downward Dog with a chair | Kids Yoga Stories
Downward-Facing Dog Pose

4. Cat Pose – Pretend to be a cougar

How to practice cat pose: From a sitting position with your feet flat on the ground, round your back and tuck your chin into your chest, stretching your back. Pretend to be a cougar getting ready to pounce.

Cat Pose chair yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga Poses
Cat Pose

5. Hero Pose – Pretend to be a woodpecker

How to practice Hero Pose: Come to rest upright on your seat with your palms resting on your knees. Close your eyes (if that’s comfortable). Breathe deeply. Pretend to be a woodpecker looking for insects.

Hero Pose with a chair
Hero Pose

Download the Woodland Forest Animals Chair Yoga Poster

Forest Chair Yoga Poster | Kids Yoga Stories

Forest Yoga Book for Kids: Mia’s Mountain Hike

Act out what you see and do on a mountain hike!

Join Mia and her aunt as they hike a mountain in Western Canada. Be a bald eagle, black bear, and bridge over a rushing river. Discover the forest, explore movement, and practice being mindful in nature.

Purchase Mia’s Mountain Hike here.

Mia's Mountain Hike: A Forest Yoga Book for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Mia’s Mountain Hike

Check Out Our Forest Walk Yoga Cards

Learn about woodland wildlife through movement.

Tap on a tree like a woodpecker, howl like a coyote, and stand tall like an evergreen tree.

Download these 52 Forest Walk digital yoga cards to learn through movement in your home, classroom, or studio. The deck includes an index card, yoga tips, pose instructions, 20 yoga pose cards, and 20 matching woodland cards. The illustrations feature multicultural yoga kids from seven countries. Ages 3+

Instantly download these colorful Forest Walk Yoga Cards for Kids here.

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Forest Animals Chair Yoga Poses | Kids Yoga Stories


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