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SMART Goals for August and September, 2014 focusing on health, happiness, and passion: on Kids Yoga Stories

SMART Goals: August & September, 2014

Is summer really over? But it’s still warm here in New England! We had a fabulous August, with all of our family visiting from Canada. They even humored me with a photo shoot on the beach in various yoga poses (see picture below). So cute! Now for September, when it’s time to concentrate on back-to-school […]

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SMART Goals for July at Kids Yoga Stories

SMART Goals: July, 2014

Long, hot summer days are here! After a long, cold winter, my daughter and I are so excited to be outdoors again. So we’re out of the house early and back home just before bedtime. (We still get excited to see deer in our backyard- like this one pictured on the right.) Last night, as […]

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The Ultimate Backyard Summer Camp eBook - 6 Themes and 42 Activities for only $9.99

Backyard Summer Camp eBook

Summer is here! If you are planning to host a summer camp or are interested in putting together a neighborhood summer camp, then we have the perfect resource for you. I’m so excited to share with you a new eBook, Backyard Summer Camp, which is an excellent guide to designing your summer camp for children […]

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SMART Goals for June >> Kids Yoga Stories

SMART Goals: June, 2014

May was Motherhood Month! I celebrated Mother’s Day with my husband and daughter.  I attended a yoga class dedicated to moms.  Our yoga instructor talked about how the human brain expanded as a result of the caring nature of women.  It was a very empowering and emotional class.  I also loved the phone chat I […]

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SMART Monthly Goals for May, 2014 from Kids Yoga Stories

SMART Goals: May, 2014

As I was driving to get my iPhone fixed this morning, I felt a smile spread across my face.  Despite the irritation of a broken phone, the cost to repair it, and the cold, dreary weather, I still felt happy.  I found myself smiling at nothing in particular. It reminded me that feelings come and […]

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A September to Remember Giveaway

The kids are back in school, the weather will soon be getting cooler, and the last few months of 2013 are here. We’ve collected some of the top mommy bloggers to come together with a special gift for YOU! A chance to win $200 in a fantastic September to Remember Giveaway! With how quickly the years pass, we […]

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