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Carolyn Beach

20 Reasons to Love Teaching Kids Yoga

This “passion” post is part of our monthly theme at Kids Yoga Stories.  I asked Carolyn Clarke, a kids yoga teacher and author of Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids, about her passion for teaching kids yoga. What I love about teaching kids yoga: Feeling the frenetic energy of a group of kids […]

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12 Practices of Gratitude

This month, I focused on Gratitude. In his book, The Yoga Sutras, Patanjali describes five Yamas as personal disciplines to becoming a responsible, productive, and happy person.  One of the Yamas is Aparigraha, which is translated as “greedlessness” or only possessing what is absolutely necessary in our lives.  It could also be loosely translated as being grateful. What […]

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15 Acts of Kindness

The Practice of Ahimsa: 15 Acts of Kindness

Last month at Kids Yoga Stories, I focused on Ahimsa (~Kindness).  Ahimsa is one of the behavioral disciplines (Yamas) along the path of yoga.  Ahimsa can be translated as “Non-Violence”, or Kindness to ourselves, others, and the environment. Practice Ahimsa – 15 ways that you can make the world a better place through your acts of […]

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