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Why Do You Love Teaching Yoga to Children?

This “passion” post is part of our monthly theme at Kids Yoga Stories.  I have been reflecting on the love of teaching yoga to children. Our family is creating a yoga practice together, making it up as we go along.  At home.  In the park.  At the airport.  Wherever we go, there’s our yoga practice.  […]

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Farm Kids Yoga ideas | Kids Yoga Stories

Farm Kids Yoga

“Moo, moo.  Bow, wow.” Our daughter loves animals. Who knows if it started with our family’s love of Sandra Boynton’s Moo, Baa, La, La, La.  But she’s hooked.  She also loves yoga. So, when it’s time to play, it seems only natural that we would bring the farm into our living room through movement. If […]

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20 ways to jazz up your kids yoga jungle journey | Kids Yoga Stories

Jungle Yoga Book Ideas

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure was based on my own travels to Costa Rica. I spent a day hiking to the waterfalls near Volcano Arenal. In the jungle yoga story, Sophia and her family act out what they see and hear on their own hike. As they follow along with Sophia, readers fly like a toucan, slither […]

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