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How to integrate mulitculturalism into your family life | Kids Yoga Stories

How to Integrate Multiculturalism

As part of their holidays around the world celebration, my daughter’s preschool sent home a parent questionnaire asking us about our family’s culture. Some of the questions were: What are your countries of heritage? What customs are important to your family? What special foods does your family eat? Do you have any special eating or […]

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Language Learning

Second Language Learning Giveaway

Sponsored by: Little Pim and hosted by: The Squishable Baby Little Pim is a cute little Panda Bear who helps children 0-6 years-old learn a second language. Do you know that he is in a new holiday ebook? Yes he is! Around the World with Little Pim just went on sale on Amazon. Your children can […]

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Bookshelves around world

Bookshelves Around the World

Kids Yoga Stories is a proud campaign partner for Read Aloud 15 Minutes, a non-profit organization that hopes to change the face of education by making fifteen minutes of daily reading aloud the new parenting standard. Reading aloud for just fifteen minutes a day can have a tremendous impact on literacy in America… and around […]

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Happiness Around the World

What makes you happy? Our Multicultural Kid Blogs Carnival this month is celebrating Happiness Around the World.  We are exploring what happiness means to different people around the world.  What makes families happy?  How is happiness defined in different cultures?  What activities, rituals, or experiences make us happy? As you journey across the world reading […]

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2 Curious Kids

Happiness Around the World: Call for Posts

What is happiness? One of the yoga principles is Santosha, which could be translated as “contentment”.  Patanjali wrote The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (translated by Alistair Shearer), and says that “From contentment results unparalleled happiness”.  My teacher, Katie Manitsas, writes in her book Spiritual Survival in the City: Santosha – contentment Accepting. Working against the […]

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