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A Virtual Field Trip to Paris in Books and Yoga Poses

Paris yoga. This is Annabelle, Social Media Manager at Kids Yoga Stories, taking you on a virtual field trip to Paris, thanks to yoga and books! 

Did you know I am French? I have not lived in my birth country since my early twenties, but my passport is definitely from France. 

For many around the world, Paris is often seen as this mythical place, but when I was a child growing up in France, it didn’t feel that special. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is amazing, and every child wants to climb to the top, but I never really felt the attraction to Paris in general until I left France. 

Today, my own children (who have never lived in France) remind me of that special Paris magic. Last summer, as we drove past the Louvre pyramid on our way to catching a train, my youngest reminded me how magical Paris is.

As a mom of two, I often do those little virtual field trips to far-flung destinations that make my kids and me dream. So I invite you to join us on this little field trip to Paris. As you gently move your body and pretend to be one of the many Parisian sights, talk about what makes Paris so magical or what you know (or don’t know) about Paris. It is a fabulous opportunity for all to learn. Check out the Paris Yoga Cards here.


1. Extended Mountain Pose – Eiffel Tower

How to practice Extended Mountain Pose: Stand tall in Mountain Pose. Inhale, look up, and raise your arms straight up to the sky. Pretend to be the tall and proud Eiffel Tower.

Extended Mountain Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Extended Mountain Pose

2. Triangle Pose – Louvre

How to practice Triangle Pose: From a standing position, step one foot back, angling your foot slightly outward. Take your arms up parallel to the ground then bend at your waist, tilting your upper body forward. Reach your front hand down to gently rest on your shin and reach your other arm straight up. Pretend to be the Louvre Museum Pyramid standing in the middle of its famous courtyard.

Triangle Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Triangle Pose

3. Locust Pose – Pain au chocolat

How to practice Locust Pose: Lie on your tummy, lift your chest and shoulders, and look up. Pretend to be that delicious fresh pain au chocolat filling your tummy before more sightseeing.

Locust Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Locust Pose

4. Flower Pose – Luxembourg Gardens

How to practice Flower Pose: Come to sit on your buttocks with a tall spine, lift your bent legs, balance on your sitting bones, and weave your arms under your legs with your palms facing up. Pretend to be the many flowers you can see blooming in the Luxembourg Gardens

Flower Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Flower Pose

5. Resting Pose – Seine River

How to practice Resting Pose: Lie on your back with your arms and legs stretched out. Breathe and rest. Pretend to be the mighty but peaceful Seine River flowing through Paris. 

Resting pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Resting Pose


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This is Paris | Kids Yoga Stories

This is Paris
by Miroslav Sasek
This classic book was first published in 1959, but the illustrations and descriptions of Paris are timeless. This new edition includes an update of what Paris is like today at the back of the book. The simple text and engaging images make this a great addition to your kids yoga session. Of note, I would definitely read through this book before sharing it with children, because there are parts of the text you might want to skip over for younger children. Do what’s right for your audience.

Hudson and the Puppy - Lost in Paris | Kids Yoga Stories

Hudson and the Puppy (Lost in Paris)
by Jackie Clark Mancuso
Explore Paris with two adorable puppies. This very cute story also introduces some French words to little kids. It is so much fun and will definitely make you want to go to Paris.

A Walk in Paris
by Salvatore Rubbino
This is a lovely story about a girl and grandpa who take a walk through Paris. There’s a lot to look at in the illustrations, and besides the storyline, there is tiny text with further information about each of the famous features of Paris. This would be a great story to read together before a kids yoga class.

Kiki and Coco in Paris
by Nina Gruener & Stephanie Rausser
A book with a difference, this one features stunning photographs of a little girl who takes her doll on a trip to Paris. This very sweet story is full of charm and grace. 

Let’s Go, Hugo!
by Angela Dominguez
Hugo is an adorable little bird who loves the Eiffel Tower. But he has never flown and so has never seen it from up top. This charming book for little ones is about conquering your fears and Paris, of course.

The Inside-Outside Book of Paris
by Roxie Munro
Each page of this book introduces you to something famous about Paris with vibrant illustrations and a historical description. The images give you a look into the daily life of Parisians on the streets, in the cafés, and in the markets. But you’ll also find the places that tourists visit in this enchanting city.

Come with Me to Paris
by Gloria Fowler and Min Heo
This delightfully and simply illustrated book with its sweet rhyming text would be perfect for preschoolers. You could act out the things you see, do, and eat through yoga poses while on a pretend visit to Paris.

My First Book of Paris
by Ingela P. Arrchenius
This new beautifully designed book features all the famous landmarks of Paris and has images with simply the descriptive words. This book would work great with a kids yoga class even though it’s not a story, but a book full of images that could be mimicked through yoga poses. This author also has similar books for New York City and London.


Annabelle Humanes, Social Media Manager | Kids Yoga Stories

After a decade in the UK and another one in Germany, Annabelle now lives in Portugal with her husband and two children. Annabelle would describe her career as that of a chameleon. She trained as a linguist and academic researcher in language acquisition. She worked in academia for over a decade teaching languages and carrying out research in language acquisition in young children. 

When not traveling or eating her way around the world with her little European citizens, she writes at www.thepiripirilexicon.com about being the mother of two cross-cultural children and blending cultures and languages. Annabelle has also contributed to a book on the topic (How to Raise a Global Citizen: For the Parents of the Children Who Will Save the World, DK, 2021).

After a childhood immersed in yoga practice, she credits, in part, her adaptability skills to yoga. Annabelle Humanes wants to live in a world where diversity is celebrated and valued, where parents of multilingual children are never asked to stop speaking their home language(s), and more importantly, where books come bundled with chocolate. 



yoga in french, french yoga poses, yoga in france for kids | Kids Yoga Stories
French Yoga for Kids


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