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Kindness Yoga practices and activities | Kids Yoga Stories

Kindness Yoga

Are you looking for easy yoga ideas to practice with your children? One of the challenges readers have shared over the years is how to add yoga into their curriculum, classes, or home life with ease and simplicity. There are tons of ways to integrate yoga, but adults with limited time (and that’s just about […]

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15 Acts of Kindness

The Practice of Ahimsa: 15 Acts of Kindness

Last month at Kids Yoga Stories, I focused on Ahimsa (~Kindness).  Ahimsa is one of the behavioral disciplines (Yamas) along the path of yoga.  Ahimsa can be translated as “Non-Violence”, or Kindness to ourselves, others, and the environment. Practice Ahimsa – 15 ways that you can make the world a better place through your acts of […]

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