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Monthly goals for December + 40-day Meditation Challenge | Kids Yoga Stories

SMART Goals: December, 2014 + 40-Day Meditation Challenge

Join us for a 40-day meditation challenge! A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I finally stopped procrastinating and began to sit silently for fifteen minutes every morning. After years of talking about meditating, we officially committed after my husband (the left-brain thinker) read a research article. Then I (the right-brain feeler) attended a […]

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Happiness Around the World

What makes you happy? Our Multicultural Kid Blogs Carnival this month is celebrating Happiness Around the World.  We are exploring what happiness means to different people around the world.  What makes families happy?  How is happiness defined in different cultures?  What activities, rituals, or experiences make us happy? As you journey across the world reading […]

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