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Ocean Yoga Adventure

Play Grow Learn e-magazine from Childhood 101

Kids Yoga Stories is pleased to be featured in the current Play Grow Learn ezine from Childhood 101.  The 70 page fully downloadable e-magazine includes activity ideas and resources for parents and educators of children who love to have fun.  The theme for this edition is Pint-Sized Explorers!

A glimpse of our Ocean Yoga Adventure article:

set sail on an ocean yoga adventure by Kids Yoga Stories

Set Sail on an Ocean Yoga Adventure

Start your ocean yoga adventure with these ocean experiences (note the keyword, with its matching kids yoga pose, and along with a description):

Sailboat – Triangle Pose
(From a standing position, step one foot back, take your arms up parallel to the ground, bend at your waist, reach your front hand to gently rest on your shin, and reach your other arm straight up.)

Submarine – Warrior 3 Pose
(Stand on one leg. Extend the other leg behind you. Bend your torso forward and take your arms out in front of you to pretend that you are gliding through the water like a submarine.)

Surfboard – Plank Pose

(Come down to a plank on your hands and toes as if you’re a surfboard.)

Scuba Diver – Locust Pose
(Come down to rest on your belly, and gently move your legs and arms as if you are swimming through the water.)

Ship – Boat Pose
(Balance on your buttocks with your legs up. Then rock in the water like a boat.)

Download the e-zine for a further twelve kids yoga poses of ocean animals.  Article includes ways to get started on your adventure and a list of extension ideas to study the ocean in more depth:

extend your ocean yoga adventure by kids yoga stories

With contributions from mommas, educators, and bloggers from around the world, this e-zine is jammed packed with fun and creative ideas to engage with your children.  We hope you enjoy your ocean yoga adventure!

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