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Easy Yoga Game to Combine Movement, Mindfulness, and Math for Students

Today, we would love to introduce you to our newest Kids Yoga Stories Ambassador, Angie Morton-Locke. She is the founder of Believe In and a yoga instructor from Canada. She currently offers yoga, wellness, and mindfulness classes to schools via video. 

She shared a super-easy way to integrate yoga and breathing into your student’s day in a fun and engaging way…. with a small sprinkle of math thrown in for good measure. 😉

YouTube video

Fun Friday “Odd or Even” Yoga Dice Game

What You Need:

How to Play:

Step #1 – Resources Ready

Have your resources printed off or viewable on a device.

Step #2 – Roll the Dice

One child rolls the dice.
The group can decide what the two dice add up to. 

For example, if she/he rolled a 4 and a 3, then the number would be 7.

Step #3 – Determine if Even or Odd

Whether the sum is even or odd will determine your next steps. 

For even numbers, you choose one yoga pose from the 24 Yoga Poster for the children to do.

For odd numbers, you choose one breathing exercise.

Step #4 – Move and Breathe 

Do the yoga or mindfulness exercises and repeat. 

As Angie shared, it’s a great way to introduce both yoga and mindfulness to children in a variety of ways during the same session.

About the Ambassador

Kids Yoga Ambassador -Angie Morton-Locke
Angie Morton-Locke

Angie Morton-Locke is the founder of Believe In (www.believein.ca). She has been teaching yoga for over ten years. She obtained her 250-hour Yoga Certification from the Yoga Centre of Burlington. Since obtaining her yoga certification she has taught chair yoga, restorative yoga, beginners yoga, and kids yoga. Her certification is in the Hatha style of yoga inspired by the Iyengar system. Her love of yoga and wellness is what drives her to teach and bring this knowledge to others.
One of her greatest joys is when she sees a student have that “a-ha” moment when they figure something out or suddenly a pose works for them.
Her company is called Believe In is because she hopes her style of teaching offers people an opportunity to believe in themselves and grow.


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