Yoga and Physical Therapy for Kids (build strength and flexibility with these 7 yoga games for kids) | Kids Yoga Stories

Yoga and Physical Therapy

Build strength and flexibility through yoga for kids! Our guest today is Leslie Nilsen, who works as a physical therapist (PT) in public schools. She’s passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and physical therapy to build both strength (physical) and self-awareness (mental and emotional). Why do children attend physical therapy sessions in schools? Leslie […]

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Workout for Moms | Kids Yoga Stories, written by KatFit

Workout for Moms

Please meet my personal trainer friend, Kathrine Bright. She is the owner of KatFit and a mom of two boys. Since having my daughter, I’ve struggled with finding time and keeping motivated to do a workout routine at home. I love my yoga rituals, but I find that I also need a more intense cardio […]

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Yoga for Children with Autism and Special Needs | Kids Yoga Stories

Spring Yoga for Children with Autism

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with Louise Goldberg of Creative Relaxation at the Kripalu Yoga in Schools Symposium twice now. For more than thirty years, Louise has been an expert on yoga for children with autism and special needs, introducing them to the benefits of yoga therapy. She has found that the yoga […]

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Emotions Yoga: talk about feelings through 5 yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Emotions Yoga

“Show me a sad face.” “Show me a happy face.” I prompted my daughter through expressing different emotions while she stood in front of the bathroom mirror last night. We made sad, happy, silly, surprised, angry, excited, and frustrated faces. We’ve been talking a lot about feelings lately. Most importantly, we’ve been discussing how to […]

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Earth Day Ideas for Kids Yoga | Kids Yoga Stories

Earth Day Ideas

Every day is Earth Day! If you’ve been cruising around our website for a while, you might have guessed that I love to write yoga sequences and yoga books that incorporate character education, global education, and especially environmental education. Some of my happiest moments in life are being in nature: hiking to a volcano in […]

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Weather Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Weather Activities for Kids Yoga

Where’s the snow? This time last year, we were covered in six feet of snow! This winter, Mother Nature brought us a plethora of weather, including heavy rain, light snow, hailstorms, blustery winds, bright sunshine, and dramatic thunderstorms. So we didn’t get out the winter books for kids this year. Instead, we filled my daughter’s […]

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List of 58 Kids Yoga Poses in Spanish | Kids Yoga Stories

Kids Yoga Poses in Spanish

This page is the Spanish version of our popular Yoga Poses for Kids page. I love Spanish! I developed a love for the Spanish language during the five years I spent living in Guatemala, working as a primary school teacher. Since then, I’ve found ways to practice Spanish both at home and while traveling. I’m […]

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Learn about transportation through yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Transportation Activities for Kids Yoga

It feels like my daughter and I have literally circled the globe over the past eight months. We have visited family in Canada, England, Australia, and Mexico. In addition to planes, trains, and automobiles, we’ve traveled on buses, boats, and taxis! Even though it’s been exciting for both of us to learn about some new […]

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I LOVE YOU yoga for kids | Kids Yoga Stories


“Valentine’s Day is not about what you love,” Foxy explained. “It’s about who you love.” (Foxy in Love, by Emma Dodd) My daughter and I used this book, Foxy in Love, to talk about the meaning of Valentine’s Day. We talked about all the special people in our lives and what makes each of them […]

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