Animal Friends Yoga

As you probably know, yoga postures were invented thousands of years ago by yogis mimicking their natural environment.  That’s why you find often yourself in tree pose, cat pose, and mountain pose during yoga class. On our website, you may have seen some of our animal yoga sequences for kids, including zoo animals, farm animals, […]

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Earth Day Books and Yoga Poses for Kids on Kids Yoga Stories

Earth Day Yoga

Every day is Earth Day! Each year on April 22nd, people from around the world come together to celebrate the annual event, Earth Day, to discuss, learn, and take action on ways to protect our planet.  A great way to honor this special day is through reading earth-friendly books and practicing yoga poses for kids. […]

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Learn about zoo animals with these easy yoga poses for kids by Kids Yoga Stories

Zoo Animals Yoga

It’s no secret that young children love animals.  And my daughter is no exception. My husband and I have been taking her to visit the zoo since she was only a couple of months old.  Over time, she learned to act out the animals through kids yoga poses before she could speak the names.  She […]

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Spring Time Yoga Poses for Kids by Kids Yoga Stories

Yoga for Spring

Spring is almost here! Looking out over a snow-covered backyard, I am definitely ready for spring here on the East Coast of the USA.  It’s time to get out the spring-themed library books, get outside to observe the changing of the seasons, and put away our winter coats. What better way to celebrate spring than […]

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St. Patrick's Day Yoga sequence by Kids Yoga Stories

St. Patrick’s Day Yoga

I love St. Patrick’s Day!  Don’t you? I have fond memories of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) with family and friends around the world.  The shades of green and joyous attitudes on this special celebration are hard to beat.  It’s also a fun holiday to celebrate with your children at home, in your studio, […]

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Learn about African animals through simple yoga poses by Kids Yoga Stories

African Animals Yoga

Welcome to the fifth post in our monthly series co-hosted by Spanish Playground: Learn Spanish and Kids Yoga through Books. The Kids Yoga Stories blog features a book on a particular theme along with matching yoga sequences. On the Spanish Playground site, you’ll find other fun, creative activities to go along with the book. This month’s […]

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Arctic Animals Books and Yoga by Kids Yoga Stories

Arctic Animals Yoga

Our first winter wonderland here in New England has been a learning adventure! I love that the local libraries are stacked with winter-themed books, most of which are completely new to me.  After gathering a bunch of books on Arctic animals, my daughter and I learned about the animals by acting them out through simple […]

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