Beach Yoga for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Beach Yoga

Bring the beach to your home, classroom, or studio! What are your fondest memories of the beach? Is it making sandcastles, listening to the sounds of waves crashing, or paddling in the water? One thing is for sure – everyone loves playing at the beach! Bring your fun memories to life through movement and imaginary […]

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Jungle Animal Yoga for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Jungle Animal Yoga

This is an excerpt from a post that was written for my friends at The Inspired Treehouse, a website written by a team of pediatric occupational and physical therapists. Lauren and Claire are passionate about sharing playful activities that promote development and wellness. They believe that with a little help, kids can build strong, healthy […]

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Rainforest yoga ideas for kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Rainforest Yoga

Everyone loves studying rainforests! Take your children on an imaginary journey to Costa Rica to learn about toucans, monkeys, and jaguars. Play rainforest music and encourage them to use their senses to bring the rainforest alive at home, in your classroom, or in your studio. Get out your rainforest books, look up rainforest videos on […]

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summer yoga ideas

Summer Yoga Ideas for Kids

As my daughter’s school year comes to a close, I find myself thinking of ways to integrate yoga into our summer days together. I aim to create yoga as a lifestyle for our family. Embracing all the facets of the yoga philosophy is important to me: including sitting silently, breathing together, teaching my daughter how […]

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Pop Star Yoga Birthday Party | Kids Yoga Stories

Pop Star Yoga Birthday Party

Please meet my friend and kids yoga teacher Kristin Bispels of Infinite Kids Yoga. Kristin leads yoga-themed birthday parties for ages four and up in Pennsylvania, USA. Below, she describes her Pop Star Yoga Birthday party ideas, but she also offers other themes like Royal Yoga, Super Hero Yoga, Pirate Yoga, Story Yoga, and Stuffed […]

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Summer Yoga ideas | Kids Yoga Stories

Summer Yoga

Summer is here! After a cold, snowy winter, we are excited to finally be enjoying the outdoors. Our summer plans include kayaking at a local lake, swimming at our local pool, hanging out at our town beach, and running through the sprinkler in the backyard. My daughter is a water baby, so we take any […]

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Five pregnancy yoga poses | Kids Yoga Stories

Prenatal Yoga Poses

I distinctly remember this moment in yoga class when we were vigorously going through a series of sun salutes, and I, who was not pregnant at the time, felt exhausted. Then I thought of my friend next to me cruising through the sun salutes – at nine and a half months pregnant! Unfortunately, I had […]

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Animal Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Animal Yoga

Are you looking for easy yoga ideas for kids? Welcome back to our monthly theme project that focuses on a single breathing technique, yoga pose, and yoga book. I have also included a three-pose flow sequence, a Spanish-integration idea (thanks to Spanish Playground), and links to other theme resources. This simple plan gives you one thing […]

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