Beach yoga poses for kids to celebrate summer -- by Kids Yoga Stories

Beach Yoga

This Beach Yoga sequence is a part of my guest post on SpanglishBaby.  See below for a link to the whole article. Moving and playing together is great in any weather, but summer is especially enjoyable for beach-themed kids yoga.  The sequence below will lead your family on a beach-inspired journey in your living room, […]

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Pictures of children in Bow Pose >> a Kids Love Yoga monthly series on Kids Yoga Stories

Bow Pose for Kids

Welcome our monthly Kids Love Yoga (#kidsloveyoga) series! Each month, we feature a new yoga pose, along with pictures of children from around the world practicing the pose. Our most popular page is the list of kids yoga poses, so we wanted to share your pictures of children practicing the various poses every month. This […]

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Yoga Poses for toddlers inspired by Hello Baby! by Mem Fox >> Kids Yoga Stories

Mem Fox Book and Toddler Yoga

We love Mem Fox’s books at our house.  Possum Magic and Koala Lou are both favorites in our collection of Australian books.  We’ve made a special effort to expose our daughter to Australian-themed books and Australian authors as part of her heritage. Mem Fox lives in Adelaide, Australia, and has written over thirty children’s books.  […]

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