Yoga in the Classroom Bundle

Have you been wanting to bring yoga to your classroom but didn't have the tools or confidence to do so? Then this bundle is for you!  

With this vast and carefully curated library of Kids Yoga Stories resources, you’ll be a yoga powerhouse in the classroom. You'll have confidence and plenty of new ideas to hit the ground running this school year. 


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Product Details

Bring yoga to your classroom with these powerful and thoughtfully curated Kids Yoga Stories resources. Experiment with the lessons in the classroom, at circle time, or outside on a nice day! 

This package includes everything you need to easily incorporate yoga into your classroom: a monthly planner, yoga books, yoga posters, yoga cards, and yoga images to create your own plan.  

This bundle is intended for children in Pre-K through 3rd Grade, but could be adapted for other age groups.

Ages: Under 8 years old.  

This is a digital download product (not a physical product).

This item is instantly downloadable, so you can print what you want, when you want it, and go! 

This digital bundle includes:  

3 Yoga Card Decks  

  • Breathing Exercise card deck (value: $9.95)
  • Chair Yoga Poses card deck (value: $9.95)
  • Yoga Poses cards (Deck One) (value: $12.95)  

3 Yoga Books  

  • The Grateful Giraffe (value: $8.95)
  • Rachel’s Day in the Garden (value: $8.95)
  • Anna and Her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats (value: $8.95)  

3 Yoga Sequence Books  

  • Simple Yoga Sequences for Kids (value: $19.95)
  • Monthly Kids Yoga Themes (value: $19.95)
  • Kids Yoga Class Ideas (value: $19.95)  

3 Yoga Posters  

  • How to Do Yoga Games with Large Groups of Kids (value: $1.99)
  • How to Play Yoga Card Games (value: $1.99)
  • 40 Classroom Yoga Ideas (value: $1.99)  

98 Individual Yoga Images  

  • 58 individual yoga pose images (value: $9.95)
  • 40 individual chair yoga pose images (value: $9.95)  

Monthly Planner  

  • A monthly planner to organize your yoga ideas and lessons (value: $19.95) 

This digital bundle is for classroom teachers looking to integrate yoga in the classroom or parents wanting to supplement and have structure at home with their yoga instruction.

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What Others Are Saying About Kids Yoga Stories

Amazing content!  

The biggest benefit for me has been access to all this amazing content. I’m able to change things up with my teaching, and Kids Yoga Stories provides me new content without requiring hours and hours searching out new ideas. I feel so lucky to have you sharing your knowledge with us.  

- Tracy Pittman

More ease in the classroom.  

My teaching experience would have been quite different had I not utilized Kids Yoga Stories resources. My classes would be more teacher-led versus now, where the children can do some stuff on their own when they need to.  

Thanks to Kids Yoga Stories, I find more ease in my classroom, and I can also encourage parents to use these resources at home with their children. Kids Yoga Stories gave me the tools to make my teaching life easier!  

- Logan Holley

Injection of new ideas into my work.  

This year I have been incorporating chair yoga, and a lot of mindfulness activities in my work with kids in second grade and up. This group can be challenging, especially the older kids.  

The Kids Yoga Stories resources my students have enjoyed most are the printable and take-home yoga poses.  

The biggest benefit I have found is that Kids Yoga Stories injects new ideas into my current work.  

- Jennifer Vizina

Make this the best school year yet!

Buy now for $47.00
yoga in classroom bundle

Inspirational and Varied! 

This special Yoga in the Classroom Bundle is so varied, it can be used in many ways, from a very personal private lesson to a class with a large group of participants. It is also very rich with ideas and ways to use it—as a single surprise activity to a whole journey through the year. I am grateful for having it.

- Michal F.

From Beginner to Advanced.

I love the website Kids Yoga Stories has built as a reference. It’s excellent for the most advanced to the beginner hoping to incorporate yoga in their classroom. This bundle provided a huge value in the resources it offered. The digital books alone made the purchase a fantastic deal. I look forward to using it in my class this year.

- Gina E

Great Resource and Value.

I printed my bundle tonight, and it exceeded my expectations!!! What an incredible resource, and what a fantastic deal! Thank you!!! 

- Moving Minds

Make this the best school year yet!

You save over $100 (70% off)! 

Limited time only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m new to yoga and/or new to bringing yoga to the classroom. Is this for me?  

Absolutely. You don’t have to be a flexible yogi or even have any yoga experience to bring yoga to your classroom. The resources in this bundle come with detailed instructions and teaching tips so you will have the confidence to instruct your children into the poses and exercises. All you need is curiosity and the willingness to learn. Great traits to role model for your children. ;)  

  • What ages is this for?

This bundle is intended for use with children in preschool through early elementary (3rd grade), but it can easily be adapted for other age groups, as well.  

  • How much does it cost?

If you purchased all the items individually in the Yoga in Classroom Bundle, it would be $157.00.  

  • Is there help organizing the lessons?

Yes! We provide you with a handy planner that you can use to create thoughtful lesson ideas and plans with the all the fun resources provided. 

  • Will I receive anything in the mail? 

This is a digital-only product, and you will not receive anything in the mail. We’re able to offer this incredibly low price because it is digital. You get instant access to all these resources to use/print when you’re ready. You can print off what you need when you’re ready to use it or have it on your mobile device or computer to use at a moment’s notice.  

  • What’s the teacher’s role when using this bundle? Do I need to model the poses myself?

You don’t need to demonstrate the poses if you’re not comfortable doing so. The resources are designed as a wonderful visual tool and can be used, along with the written description, to effectively provide instruction to your children. You can print off the poses and share as hand-outs or simply use your computer and projector screen to share the images with the entire class. 

  • Can I share these resources with fellow teachers? 

No. These digital products are for personal use only. If you'd like to buy an additional license of this bundle, please contact me directly at giselle @ kidsyogastories. com and I'm to provide you with a discounted multi-license price. We follow the standard guidelines for digital products (similar to You can find our terms of use, at the top of this page: 

  • Is there a guarantee? 

Of course! When you take advantage of this special sale today, you have a full 30 days to decide whether or not you want to keep it or return it for a full refund. If, for any reason, you decide this bundle is not for you, simply reach out, and my team will provide a full, prompt refund.