Visit Mexico City through Kids Yoga

I have been dreaming of traveling to Mexico since we went to the Mexican Riviera a couple of years ago.  We love the warm weather, friendly people, interesting history, beautiful beaches, intriguing wildlife, and quaint towns.  It’s a place to visit time and time again.

We hope to take our daughter to Mexico one day, but in the meantime here is a way to “visit” Mexico without leaving home:

Visit Mexico through Books and Kids Yoga

We love Barefoot Books.  Our latest book is Off We Go to Mexico: An Adventure in the Sun by Laurie Krebs and Christopher Carr.  An English-Spanish kids yoga sequence for you to “act” out some things that you see and do in Mexico:

Off We Go to Mexico book

Mountains– Las Montañas
Mountain Pose – Stand tall like a mountain

Sun – El Sol
Extended Mountain Pose – From Mountain Pose, reach up with your hands, look up, and say hello to the sun

Pyramids – Las Pirámides
Downward-Facing Dog Pose – Come to hands-and-feet, and make an upside-down “V” with your body like a pyramid

Swimming – Nadando
Locust Pose – Lay on your tummy, and swim with your arms

Gray Whales – Las Ballenas
Whale Pose – Lay on your tummy, bend at your knees, and take your arms back alongside your body

Canyon Train – El Tren
Staff Pose – Sit tall on your buttocks with your legs extended straight in front of you, and make circles with your arms like they are the wheels on the train

Monarch Butterfly – Las Mariposas
Butterfly Pose – Sit on your buttocks, bend your legs, bring the soles of your feet together, and gently flap your legs like butterfly wings

Stars – Las Estrellas
Do Nothing Pose – Lay on your back, and stretch your arms and legs out wide like a star in the sky

Visit Mexico City through Kids Yoga

I talked to a friend of mine about her recommendations of kid-friendly activities in her birthplace.  Her first choice was the Chapultepec Park, Castle, and Zoo in Mexico City.  Pretend to visit the park with this “Five for Five: Five kids yoga poses in five minutes” inspired by things to do at Chapultepec.

Chapultepec Park: Five for Five

Ride a pony at the park – Chair Pose
(Stand tall, bend your knees, and use your arms to pretend you are riding a pony.  Neigh!)

Take a train up to see the Castle – Staff Pose
(Sit on your buttocks, legs stretched out in front of you, and move your hands in circles like the wheels on the train.  Choo, Choo!)

Row a boat around the lake – Boat Pose
(Lift your legs straight up, balancing on your buttocks, move your arms and pretend you are rowing a boat)

Ride around the park on a bike – Knee to Chest
(Lay on your back, bend your knees, and pretend to ride a bicycle with your legs)

See a Giant Panda at the Zoo – Happy Baby Pose
(Stay laying on your back, hug your knees to your chest, grab the soles of your feet with your hands, and pretend you are a panda)

Pictures shared by Becky from Kid World Citizen

Download a printable of this Mexico Five for Five kids yoga sequence


Visit Mexico for five other family-friendly places


Papalote Children’s Museum (Museo de Ni?o)

Atlantis Marine Park

Xochimilco “Floating Gardens”

Anthropology Museum (Museo de Anthrología)

Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacan

Picture of the Pyramids shared by Stephanie of InCulture Parent

Haven’t tried yoga with your family yet?  No worries.  Here’s 10 Tips for Starting a Family Yoga Practice.

I hope you enjoyed your “visit” to Mexico!  What are some of your favorite children’s books on Mexico?  I would love to hear from you!

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