Virtual Book Club: Water

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This week is WATER week.

Join us for beach kids yoga!

Virtual Book Club: Water Books and Kids Yoga

Activity #1
A Five for Five: Five kids yoga poses in five minutes inspired the beach scenes in Luke’s Beach Day:

Beach: Five for Five

Hello the Sun – Sun Salute
(Stand tall, reach your hands up to the sun, and say “hello sun”)

Surfing – Warrior 2 Pose
(Pretend you are surfing, with your arms straight out for balance, and your front knee bent)

Swimming – Warrior 3 Pose
(Stand on one leg, bend torso forward, and swim with your arms)

Shark – Shark Pose
(Come to laying on your belly, lift your feet slightly off the ground, look up, and take your arms back alongside your body)

Sea Star – Resting Pose
(Lay on your back with arms and legs stretched out, and rest)


Feel free to add or change the poses.  Creativity is encouraged.

Download a printable version of this Beach sequence

Image of Luke practicing Warrior 2 Pose in Luke’s Beach Day

Activity #2
A kids yoga session with twenty beach inspired-kids yoga poses:

Beach-inspired Kids Yoga Sequence

  1. Sitting – Easy Pose (Sit cross-legged, looking out at the ocean)
  2. Beach Umbrella – Mountain Pose Variation (Stand tall with arms out at an angle, like an umbrella)
  3. Swimming – Warrior 3 Pose (Stand on one leg, other leg extended behind you, swim with your arms)
  4. Surfer – Warrior 2 Pose (Surf on your surfboard)
  5. Windsurfing – Triangle Pose (Make whooshing sound like wind through your sails)
  6. Beach Chair – Chair Pose (Sit back as if you are sitting in your beach chair)
  7. Jellyfish – Standing Forward Bend (Sway your arms like a jellyfish)
  8. Sandcastle – Downward-Facing Dog Pose (Pretend you are a castle)
  9. Harbor Seal – Cobra Pose (Flap your arms like a seal. Arf, Arf!)
  10. Shark – Shark Pose (Lay flat on your tummy, with arms clasped behind your back)
  11. Sea Turtle – Extended Child’s Pose (Take a moment to rest and breathe, imagining the sounds that you hear on the beach)
  12. Fish – Bow Pose Variation (Lay flat on your tummy, bend your knees, extend your arms back, and pucker your lips like a fish)
  13. Sea Gull – Pigeon Pose (Make the sound of sea gulls squawking)
  14. Urchin – Child’s Pose (Take a moment to rest and breathe, imagining the sounds of the ocean)
  15. Clam – Seated Forward Bend (Arms forward as if you are closing up like a clam, keeping spine straight)
  16. Fishing Boat – Boat Pose (Rock on your buttocks like a boat rocking in the water)
  17. Anemone – Flower Pose (Balancing on your buttocks, weave your arms through your bent legs, sway gently like an anemone in the ocean waves)
  18. Crab – Table Top Pose (Waddle like a crab)
  19. Sea Otter – Happy Baby Pose (Lay on your back, bring your knees to your chest, and pretend to eat on your tummy like an otter)
  20. Sea Star – Corpse Pose (Lay on your back with arms and legs stretched out, breathe, and rest)


Download a printable version of the Beach sequence

Image of Luke practicing Tree Pose in Luke’s Beach Day

Activity #3 
Extension activities
to explore more about the beach:


  • Make a list of beach-specific words.  Translate them into another language and practice saying the words together.  Make cards with English on one side and the other language on the other side.


  • Make a diorama with a beach scene.


  • Gather beach photos and make a collective beach collage.


  • Create a beach scrapbook and compile all the things that you collect from and learn about the beach.


  • Take pictures of the children practicing the poses for the collage or beach scrapbook.


  • Take a fieldtrip to a beach.  Take notes using your senses.  Share with friends, family, and classmates.


  • Create a dedicated “Beach” wall with their artwork.


  • Team up with older or younger students to do a beach activity.


  • Study the different layers of the shoreline–intertidal zone, continental shelf, continental slope, and ocean floor. The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor is a great book.


  • Make a list of things that wash up on the beach.  Talk about how they got there.


  • Discuss how to protect our beaches.  Research ways that human activity is damaging our coastlines.  For example, you could talk about oil spills, sewage waste, overfishing, beach pollution, sea traffic, and tourism.  Commit to one action.


  • Write beach stories from starter sentences like “I like the beach because…”  Then read your stories together.


  • Take out non-fiction books about the beach from your local library, like Seashore, a DK Eyewitness Book.  Read and learn about beach life.


  • Visit your local aquarium to see first-hand which animals and plants live on our beaches.


  • Do science experiments, like studying how tides are formed.


  • Choose one of the beach animals from the kids yoga list above and do a mini-research report.


  • Compare and contrast the different beaches around the world.  For example, research the different colors of sand, types of animals, cleanliness, flora, and environmental issues.


  • Do a visualization of a beach story.  Ask the children to close their eyes, listen to the story, and imagine being there on the beach.  At the end, have them open their eyes and draw or paint a picture of what they imagined.


  • Make a shell mobile.  Sit still, close your eyes, and listen to the sounds of the shells in the breeze for five to ten minutes.


  • Play Ocean music and see if you can distinguish the different animal sounds.  Lay in Resting Pose and listen to the sounds of ocean waves (ex. Noise machines often have an ocean wave option).


Activity #4
Curl up with a water-beach themed book.  Two of our favorites with our toddler:

Commotion in the Ocean, by Giles Andreae


Mister Seahorse, by Eric Carle

How did you celebrate WATER this week with the Virtual Book Club? I hope these activities helped to bring some movement and laughter to your water and beach studies!

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