Travel to India Without Leaving Home

I have fond memories of our trip to India in June, 2004.  Besides a surprise early-morning engagement to my husband at the Taj Mahal, our trip to India was filled with rich, colorful, and unexpected experiences.  Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.  Tuk-tuk drivers, river blessings, camel rides, crowded train trips, chai teas, interesting temples, mischievous monkeys, street dancing, colorful markets, friendly people, delicious food, and beautiful countryside.

Travel to India Without Leaving Home

As a celebration of our amazing trip to India exactly nine years ago, here is a 5 for 5: Five kids yoga poses in five minutes inspired by our trip through Rajasthan.


India: 5 for 5

Tuk-Tuk Driver – Chair Pose
(stand tall, then sit back as if you are sitting in the driver’s seat, and place hands on steering wheel)

Monkey – Squat Pose
(squat down, and put arms out front like a monkey)

Cow – Cow Pose
(on hands-and knees, arch your back, and look up)

Camel – Camel Pose
(from kneeling pose, look up, open your chest, and slightly lean back)

Taj Mahal – Table Top Pose
(from sitting, place palms and feet flat on ground, and lift buttocks up into table)

Download a printable version of the India: 5 for 5

A market in Rajasthan, India


We just recently discovered a book based in India, The Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter, published by Barefoot Books.  Here is second Indian-inspired kids yoga sequence so you can travel to India right from your home.

The Animal Boogie: 5 for 5

Hornbill – Warrior 3 Pose
(stand on one leg, bend torso forward, lift other leg backwards, and flap your wings)

Elephant – Elephant Pose
(stand with legs apart, clasp hands in front, bend torso forward, and swing your arms like an elephant’s truck)

Sloth Bear – Downward-Facing Dog Pose
(go back on hands-and feet, and walk like a bear)

Leopard – Extended Cat Pose
(come down to hands-and knees, look forward, and do a lion’s breath)

Cobra – Cobra Pose
(on your tummy, lift head and shoulders off ground, place palms flat next to your shoulders, and hiss like a snake)

I hope you enjoyed your “trip” to India as much as I did reminiscing about our adventures.  Have you been to India?  I would love to hear your story.



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