Summer Book Exchange

We were thrilled to hear about Educators’ Spin On It’s Love Book Summer Exchange with over 30 bloggers.

We are always looking for new books and the thought that another mom was going to mail us a book and activities was beyond exciting!

We were each partnered up with another mommy blogger who has a child about the same age.

Our partner is Elizabeth from Get Busy Living, who has a two-year-old boy.  We each had to send a package with a book and activities.

Summer Book Exchange

Here we are opening up the box from Elizabeth of Get Busy Living:


Elizabeth’s book choice was Alpha Bugs by David A. Carter, a pop-up alphabet book.

Along with the book, Elizabeth packed six different activities in Ziploc bags, called “Busy Bags“, from her own BAM-MA Creations.  Our daughter absolutely loved unpacking each bag and discovering the surprises inside them.  What a fun way for children to explore learning different concepts through hands-on activities.

#1:  Five Little Ladybugs

First, we opened up the bag with five little ladybugs.  I couldn’t believe the time and effort that Elizabeth put into each pack.  We sang the ladybug rhyming-counting song and our daughter followed along with the five ladybugs.  So cute!  This was her favorite activity and she asks for the song daily.

#2:  “I Spy” Bottle

Next, we opened the “I Spy” bag to find two containers of orange and green mini-foam bits, a bag of beads, a plastic bottle, instructions, and a picture card.  We tipped the mini-foam bits into the plastic bottle, and then carefully placed each bead into the bottle as well.  The activity was a great opportunity for Anamika to practice her fine-motor skills.  She was enthralled with the process.  Once the mini-foam bits and beads were in the plastic bottle, we rolled the bottle around to “Spy” the different beads on the picture card.  Fun!


#3:  Firefly in a Jar

This was a perfect dadda-daughter activity before bedtime.  The Busy Bag came with two Glow Sticks and a bottle.  They snapped the sticks, cut the tips off, and dropped the contents into the jar.  Then, they went into her bedroom, turned the lights off, and played with her “fireflies”.  Another interesting, creative, and interactive activity.



#4:  Alpha Swat Game

Elizabeth had mentioned that she added a ruler to this package, but it would be better with a fly swatter.  Either way, it was fun to lay out the alphabet letters on the floor and try to identify each one.  We just started learning the first letter of her name, along with the names of her family, so the package came at the perfect time to reinforce her learning.  Another fun, interactive way to learn the alphabet!

#5:  Buggy Roll and Cover

Lastly, we opened the Buggy Roll and Cover game.  We followed the instructions, rolled the dice, and placed the pom-poms on the matching numbers.  It was cool to see how quickly our daughter learned how to play a game, and how to take turns.  She learned to say “Anamika turn”, and then “Mumma turn”.  This will be a game that we will come back to again and again as she gets older.  Simple, fun, and effective.


These Busy Bags made by Elizabeth are a fun way to play and learn with our daughter.  We live in a small apartment with limited space for arts and craft supply (like I did as a teacher with classroom organizers), so it was especially useful to have all the activities already put together.  The ready-made bags are fabulous “grab-n’go” activities, which will be perfect for our upcoming summer trips.

What book and activity would you send in an Book Exchange to another family?  Why not mail out a box of goodies to another family this summer!

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