School Yoga Program 2023

Transform school communities through yoga and mindfulness with this step-by-step course to create
a customized yoga program for your unique classroom
or school. PLUS, get live support as a special bonus!

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Hands Down One of the Best Trainings!

Hands down one of the best trainings I’ve ever done in my 17 years of school counseling! It gave me a starting point in how I wanted to implement yoga / mindfulness into my elementary school. Along the way, the program offered great ideas, input, education, & support from a wonderful community of people who are just trying to make the world & our schools a better place! I continue to build on my school program, but I would’ve never made it (or probably even started it) if it wasn’t for this program! Highly recommend this program! You won’t regret it!

Amy D.

Are you ready to Bring Yoga & Mindfulness to

Your School or Classroom this Year?

...But you just don't know where or how to start?

Do you want to bring yoga and mindfulness to your school but you’re completely perplexed on how exactly to do that?

We hear this all the time from our community.

You know the value of yoga and mindfulness… but find it challenging to convey all the benefits in a meaningful way to your school community. 

Even if parents and the administration are on board and you have the green light to launch a program… where do you even start?  

Time is tight, resources are limited, and getting buy-in from children (and even parents, admin, and peers) can be challenging.

Let us help you take away the overwhelm and confusion, and provide a solid framework for you to create a fully customized plan for your school…

… a plan you can easily tailor to your needs, your students, and your school, so you feel confident bringing these valuable and life-changing practices to your students. 

No two schools are alike.

Every school has its challenges and culture, needs and limitations. Only YOU know what these are. Taking a done-for-you, “boxed” yoga and mindfulness program may seem like a good approach (we all want something simple, right?), but these programs are rarely a great fit.

And oftentimes, they’re not suitable for the specific needs of a classroom or school.

Your students are unique and you need a program tailored to them!  

School Yoga Program was created with this in mind.

This program guides you to create the perfect classroom/school yoga program that fits you, your students, and your school. 

You will walk away from this program with a plan in hand and resources to get started right away!  PLUS, you’ll have access to support, a community of other like-minded professionals (through our private Facebook group), and resources to give you the confidence to deliver a thoughtfully crafted program to your school community. 

This program is based on a strong foundation, which starts with YOU, yet flexible enough to meet students where they’re at and change over time, if needed.

Are you ready to get started... and get it done?

School Yoga Program 2023:

  • A detailed, self-study program you can do at your own pace from the comfort of your own home
  • 12 video lessons (15-30 minutes long), resources, checklists, samples, worksheets, and more to make your planning super easy
  • Tons of additional resources will be available within a private course area
  • Support and community via our private Facebook group.
  • You will walk away with a comprehensive, customized plan in hand to confidently bring yoga and mindfulness
    to your classroom or school this year!
  • BONUS, 4-live group calls with Giselle and the Kids Yoga Stories team to help you make your ideas a reality.

During This Program You Will:

  • Discover ways to fund your program…
    ...even if the costs seem prohibitive, you’re not sure what options are available, or you don’t think your school will contribute.
  • How to get buy-in from hesitant administrators, skeptic teachers, and concerned parents…
    ...even if they think yoga is religious, view it as some “wishy-washy, hippy-dippy” practice, or simply value academics above all else.
  • Dig deeper to understand what’s culturally relevant for your community, what support you have based on any challenges and special needs, and what may and may not work for your school population... you can create the very best program for your school.
  • Prepare yourself with a variety of engaging exercises and practices that students will enjoy...
    ...even if they think yoga and mindfulness is lame and boring, or if they’re overly concerned what others might think. 
  • Engage with the tools and resources to adapt to different age groups and maturity levels so that children find yoga and mindfulness engaging and interesting...
    ... so everyone benefits from the mindfulness and yoga lessons, even the most challenging students. 
  • Create a workable, consistent plan that can easily adapt and fit into your day...
    ...even if you feel there is very little time to fit in everything that is already required of you.
  • Gain the confidence to teach the poses and exercises...
    ...even if you're uncomfortable with the movements, don’t feel like a yoga role model, or generally feel "out of shape.” 
  • Discover ways to meet the entire class where they’re at...
    ...despite challenges with skeptical students who goof off or try and distract the rest of the class from the activity. 
  • Learn to present research and build strategies to convince parents, administration, and teachers that yoga and mindfulness can actually benefit children’s academic performance as much as their social emotional well-being...
    ...that way you can gain more buy-in and support from the major stakeholders in bringing yoga and mindfulness to children.
  • See what’s possible by hearing from teachers in the field who have successfully brought yoga and mindfulness to their schools… ...that way, you can see what a school yoga program looks like in action and have the confidence to create your own!

I Loved the Kids Yoga Stories School Yoga Program!

I went into the whole experience overwhelmed and having no idea where to start my school yoga program. I had a ton of resources, but no exact doable, step-by-step plan—and just thinking about it made me anxious! This was the most practical and organized program. The breakdown of the materials made sense and was easy to follow, and I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do in only five days—with no anxiety!!! It was also affordable, the KYS team replied to all my crazy e-mails in a timely manner, they gave input/suggestions specifically for my school yoga program (not just general statements—input specific for my program). AMAZING! Who even does that?! I've been a school counselor for over fifteen years, and this was one of the best workshops I've ever attended! I plan on being a lifelong member and supporter of Giselle and Kids Yoga Stories! 

— Amy

Here's an Overview...

Module 1: The 3 B's Foundation

Examine what benefits are most important to your school’s population to understand the goals of your school yoga program. 

Build a strong foundation using the 4 P’s: purpose, practice, passion, and people. 

Take a moment to see what is underneath the disruptive behavior in your school or classroom and connect with the children on a deeper level. 


Module 2: Budgeting & Backing

Nuts and Bolts 
Bust all the logistical obstacles by exploring the timing, scheduling, educational standards, space, and supplies. 

Create your own budget so you are clear how much money you need to start or maintain your yoga program.

Financial Backing 
Discover some new funding options to raise money for your school yoga program’s supplies and materials. 


Module 3: Buy-In

Capture the attention and buy-in of your school community by being courageous, curious, and creative. 

Support the health and wellbeing of your students by ensuring that your yoga program gets into action.

Look at ways to evaluate your program so that the activities are meeting the needs of your students and the outcomes of the program.


Module 4: Build It

“Magic Wand” 
Allow your mind to explore your “magic wand” in terms of creating the perfect school yoga program for you and your community. 

Build Your Own Program 
Put it all t
ogether to build your own customized school yoga program using a step-by-step template. 


Plus, You'll Get These Amazing BONUSES

If all that wasn’t enough… you will also receive the following bonuses valued at $2,300!:

BONUS #1. Yoga and Mindfulness 101 course (value: $150)

The first step in bringing yoga and mindfulness to your school or classroom really starts with YOU!

In order to teach the basic skills, it’s important that you have a solid foundation and start your own practice. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or lengthy—just discover what works best for you and create some consistency.

This video and interactive course walks you through the four steps to create or reignite your own yoga and mindfulness practice.

School Yoga Bootcamp -group calls

BONUS #2. FOUR-Group Support Calls with Giselle & Cassandra
(value: $1,500)

We wanted to make sure that you have the support needed to make your school yoga and mindfulness plan a reality! You will have an opportunity to attend FOUR live calls with Giselle Shardlow, Founder of Kids Yoga Stories and Cassandra Troughton, Community Manager for KYS and former teaching assistant who successfully brought yoga and mindfulness to her school community.

Call Dates:
Friday, March 31st, 2023, 12:30pm ET
Friday, April 14th, 2023, 12:30pm ET
Friday, April 28th, 2023, 12:30pm ET
Friday, May 5th, 2023, 12:30pm ET

All calls will be on Zoom and recorded and made available afterwards. Questions can be sent via email beforehand as well.

Even if you can't make it live to the calls, you will get so much out of the recordings and your questions answered.

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BONUS #3: Get Started Strong Guides & Templates (value: $650)

In addition, you will receive several supplemental guides and resources that will help you on your journey to bring yoga and mindfulness to your school or classroom:

1. School Yoga Research Guide

If you need help selling the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to staff, administration, or parents, we’ve included the School Yoga Research Guide, which you can use and share. This guide provides the specific benefits and academic research that backs it up.

2. Get Buy-In from School Administration Guide

If you have struggled getting buy-in from your administration or suspect you’ll meet resistance when introducing a school or classroom yoga program, then Get Buy-In from School Administration Guide will help you successfully prepare to win over your school or district.

3. Tips for Managing Behaviors Guide

You know that behavior may be your biggest challenge to bringing yoga and mindfulness to your classroom—no worries! You will receive our Tips for Managing Behaviors Guide with tools, strategies, and ideas for dealing with students who have a difficult time staying still, spend more time acting out and talking than listening to the lesson, or insist on joking around and distracting others.

4. Tips to Engage Children Guide

If you already know that engaging children will be your biggest obstacle, then our Tips to Engage Children Guide will help you keep students’ attention and focus even when they think the lessons and exercises are funny and weird, tend to be distracted or distracting, or are worried what others may think of them.

5. Class Management: Top 20 Tips Guide

You might feel as though managing your classroom will prove challenging when introducing yoga and mindfulness to students—then be prepared with Class Management: Top 20 Tips Guide. We pulled together the top strategies and proven techniques from our community into a resource to help you feel confident managing students while introducing new concepts.  

6. Find Funding for School Yoga Programs Guide

If you find funding perplexing and don’t even know where to start, then we have you covered with Find Funding for School Yoga Programs Guide. We queried our community and compiled the top ideas and strategies for locating, requesting, and procuring funding for your school yoga program.

7. Sample School Yoga Grant Application

To make it super easy for you to apply for available grants, we’ve included a sample grant application that you can simply fill in and send out. This template takes the guesswork out of knowing what to include and how to make a successful grant request. 

8. School Yoga Program Template

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t figure out how to pull everything together for your school yoga program, you will receive a template that will help you organize all the necessary details into one comprehensive document. Feel confident you have everything covered and planned within one handy document!

BONUS #4. BRAND NEW! Ongoing Quarterly Live Group Support Calls with Giselle & Team
(value: $$$)

You won't just get our support during the program...

You'll be getting ongoing support and accountability each quarter thereafter.

You will have an opportunity to attend quarterly live calls with Giselle Shardlow, Founder of Kids Yoga Stories, various team members and guests, and members of the School Yoga Program community to help you stay accountable to your goals, brainstorm ideas, work through challenges, and connect with others all working towards bringing yoga and mindfulness to schools.

Calls will be 2nd month in the quarter, 2nd Friday in the month at 1pm ET.Quartley Quartley

All calls will be on Zoom and recorded and made available afterwards. Questions can be sent via email beforehand as well.

I'm Giselle, founder of Kids Yoga Stories... and I totally get it!

I know what it’s like to be a primary school teacher with limited time and loads of curriculum to teach in an engaging and effective manner. I’ve worked in academically rigorous schools that had limited interest in bringing new tools to help children calm, relax, and be more balanced. 

I also know what it’s like to be a mom balancing work and family with a perpetual to-do list and too many commitments to count (including PTO President. Yikes!).

My daughter is highly sensitive and has special needs. We have depended on a yoga lifestyle that offers self-regulation strategies that help us get through each day and will give her the tools that will last her a lifetime. As I’ve done with my own daughter, I make teaching yoga and mindfulness to children engaging, easy, and fun. 

I’ve spent the last twelve years creating resources, workbooks, books, and guides for teachers, parents, and anyone wanting to bring yoga and mindfulness to children. 

I’m thrilled to finally bring you my biggest, most comprehensive offering yet and help you design your very own tailor-made school yoga program. I can’t wait to meet you and work together towards a common goal—helping children be active and healthy and to get the most out of life!

Is School Yoga Program Right for You?

We encourage you to sign up if you’re truly interested in bringing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to your school community.


School Yoga Program is a good fit if: 

  • You’re ready to create your own yoga program that specifically suits the needs of your school’s population. 
  • You’re looking for a “done-WITH-you” experience where we guide you to create your customized program.
  • You're an OT, PT, school counselor, pediatric therapist, teacher, parent (via PTO/PTA), administrator, PE teacher, recreation staff, social worker, kids yoga instructor, or a special education teacher.
  • You’re an open-minded, curious lifelong learner, and someone who “gets stuff done.”
  • You’re community-focused and looking to positively contribute to your school community.  


School Yoga Program isn’t a good fit if: 

  • You want a day-by-day curriculum already written for you.
  • You’re looking for a “done-FOR-you” mass-produced, generic, already-created program.
  • You tend towards negativity or pessimism, are stuck in your ways, overly rigid, make excuses for yourself, or allow obstacles and limitations to hold you back. 

Here's what teachers have shared about
our Kids Yoga Stories Program...

Resources are a Great Fit

"Your resources are a great fit. I want the students to learn strength in their bodies and mind—and experience what it feels like to be calm. I can do this by providing tools, games, and techniques. I’m so excited to build a strong yoga program at my school!"

- Ally

Empowering Teachers

"My takeaway is that we’re not doing the yoga activities “to” them, but rather we are participating in the activities “with” them. I also never thought of teaching mindfulness through sensory activities. I can see that empowering the teachers because they are probably already doing a lot of mindfulness activities without realizing it!"

- Veronica

Bringing Intentionality to What We Do

"My takeaway is that I’m already doing all these yoga and mindfulness activities, but now I need to bring the intentionality behind what we do. It will help me be present with the children. I feel more confident going forward, and now I have a workable plan!"

- Melanie

On Sale (with Bonuses!) for a Limited Time


People love the
School Yoga Program...

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and the other community members. Giselle is an expert, and she structured this program so well and so simply. The breakdown of each module is very manageable and clear. It truly felt like step-by-step instructions for your own customizable mindfulness plan. I am extremely grateful for this program and all that I got out of it! I will most definitely be attending the live Bootcamp next year!"

— Cassandra T.

" I was so impressed with how well organized everything was! I enjoyed and learned so much from all of the course materials, lectures, and assignments. Thanks so much to Giselle and Kids Yoga Stories for giving me the gift of designing a yoga and mindfulness program for my school! I can’t wait to implement my program from the first day of school. Giselle is one of the amazing humans I have met so far in 2021."

— Synthia G.

"I am physiotherapist and yoga instructor who has a fair bit of experience sharing yoga and mindfulness with children. What I tend to struggle with is organizing my classes in a thoughtful and orderly way such that the information could be shared with classroom teachers, family members, and any other adults who might be in the child's life so that the lessons we learn within our class can be carried over.

This workshop helped me gather my big pile of whirly ideas and put them down in a logical way to be able to be prepped and organized for multiple classes. This workshop would also be great for someone with less experience teaching yoga with children as Kids Yoga Stories has an abundance of resources to help generate ideas. And as always, Giselle goes above and beyond to provide any guidance needed. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking a simple yet effective format for bringing yoga and mindfulness into their children's lives in a way the works in their environment."

— Deirdre O

"Thank you for all the great information of the benefits to children. I have learned a lot and hope to be able to help students in the near future."
- Mindy

"Thank you for the program to help push me over the edge! It was exactly what I needed. The information is so good and now I have it at my finger tips as I work to write the grants. My dreams are BIG!" - Amy

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t practice yoga and mindfulness myself. Will this be a problem?

Definitely not! We hear this all the time, and this concern is one of the main barriers for teachers to get started. Please don’t let this stop you from bringing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to children.

In fact, we have included a bonus course, Yoga and Mindfulness 101, that will help you begin to explore and develop your own practice, if you so choose. 

How will I access this course? Is it easy?

Yes, it is super easy! You will be provided log-in access immediately upon purchase. This self-paced course is easy to access through any device and is available once you log into our Academy site. All resources—including videos, downloadable worksheets, workbooks, check lists, and more—are contained within this easy-to-use learning platform. Calls will be conducted via Zoom.

Can I see how the course is structured?

Yes, you can. You can view the full syllabus here.

How much does it cost?

As a member of our community, all you’ll pay is one-time payment of $297.

That's $300 OFF the full price of $597.

PLUS, you’ll receive additional bonuses that alone are worth $2,300!

So in total—including bonuses—you would pay $2,897 for access. Instead… you’ll only pay $297.

Payment plan (4-interest free installments) is available via SHOPPAY at check out!

What age group is this for?

This is for ALL ages, because it's all about how to create your own customized school yoga program for your children's needs and preferences.

I see you have offered a live "bootcamp" version of the program in the past. Will you be offering this bootcamp again?

No, unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts, we will not be offering this course as a live bootcamp in the future.

I am very interested in designing a yoga club/activity across multiple sites and want to apply for a grant, too, to cover it. I understand the templates for a proposal are part of the overall package but are there any tips on things I should request (besides your curriculum) to get started?

Yes, we have two different modules to cover these topics:

  • Budgeting – what kinds of things you could purchase for your yoga club (ex. props, resources), what other expenses you might incur, and how much money you’ll need
  • Financial Backing – where are the places you could secure funding and sample proposals

This School Yoga Program was designed for exactly your type of situation where you have a group of children of various ages, needs, and backgrounds.

I am looking to bring yoga into schools in the UK. I feel like this program you are offering will help me achieve a more professional approach. In your honest opinion, do you think the content of this bundle would work for schools in the UK? My budget is low and I have already invested in so much training, so I need to make sure it's right for the UK before I consider purchasing.

As a little background to see if this School Yoga Program is a good fit:

The course was designed for teachers, health practitioners, and school leadership on how to bring yoga to their schools/school districts. However, we also had kids yoga teachers join our live virtual bootcamp in the summer and they used the course to design their programs that they brought into the schools.

In the 3 modules (9 sections), we cover all the foundational concepts of why you want to teach kids yoga, what skills you’re targeting for your population, and how to engage children (the who, what, why, when, how). We have learned that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to designing a school yoga program due to the diverse needs of each school community.

We also talk through how to budget for your program, what to buy, and how much money you’ll need. This then leads into where to find funding. We have several example proposals, including a couple from kids yoga teachers. For example, one kids yoga teacher relies mostly on outside funding to teach in schools, so that it’s free of charge to the school. There’s also a section on “buy-in” which has been useful to people trying to get into the schools as well. It really is about developing a customized program for YOUR school - regardless of where you live.


Last year I purchased Classroom Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day, and I am using many of those resources. How is this offering different other than the 'bonuses' on funding, support calls, resources etc? 

The School Yoga Program is a completely different offering than the Classroom Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day.

The Classroom Yoga workbook is a done-FOR-you resource with 16 weeks of quick and easy yoga and mindfulness activities for Preschool to 2nd Grade. This is perfect for people who are looking to get started with sharing yoga and mindfulness with young children.

In contrast, the School Yoga Program is a done-BY-you 3 module (9 sections) course diving deeper into each of the obstacles that people face when putting together a school yoga program. The 4th module then has a step-by-step template for designing your customized school yoga program to fit the needs and preferences of your school community.

We ran this course in the summer as a live, virtual program, and we’ve just put it together as a self-paced course because we heard that educators in our community preferred to complete the course at their own pace in their own time.

We’ve found that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for school yoga because everyone has unique needs and backgrounds in their schools. We essentially co-created this course from feedback from our Kids Yoga Stories community. This course is the “teach you to fish” idea, so that you can create multiple programs/lessons for different uses.

For example, one of the modules is all about budgeting – where to find money and how to apply for funds. Here are the modules in more detail HERE.

I’m hoping to get help covering the cost. What if I can’t get the funding in time during this sale?

If you are actively pursuing funding to cover the cost of this course, we will honor this sale. In order to do so, please send us a note and let us know that you are actively working on it. We will hold your spot (pricing and bonuses) for you. But please email giselle @ before the end of the sale so we know!

What’s the refund policy?

When you take advantage of this special sale today, you have a full 30 days to decide whether or not you want to keep it or return it for a full refund.

If, for any reason, you decide this resource is not for you, simply reach out, and we will provide a full, prompt refund. No questions asked. No hassles!

Do you offer CEUs/professional credits?

Courses4Teachers - Graduate-level professional development semester credits/units!

Kids Yoga Stories is excited to offer you accreditation for our trainings through Courses4Teachers, a well -established organization passionate about helping teachers get credit for their training. Through a simple registration process, you will earn graduate-level professional development semester credits/units through the University of the Pacific. These credits are designed for teachers across the USA to gain salary advancement and/or renew credentials. They are transferable across districts nationwide.

All you need is a Certificate of Completion after completing any of the Kids Yoga Stories trainings below, and Courses4Teachers will ensure that your time and efforts are acknowledged.

SCHOOL YOGA PROGRAM: This program requires 60 hours of training. You may register for 4 units/credits.

Register here:

For any questions, please contact Courses4Teachers directly at

Here's what teachers have said about
Kids Yoga Stories...

You Have a Life Long Customer

"Oh my gosh! You are amazing! Thank you so much. The kids have had such a good time so far with our new program and these will be wonderful to add. You have a life long customer!”

- Candace

I Absolutely Love This

"I struggle to explain it (yoga and mindfulness) and sometimes get push back as to what it is, what it represents.  
I cant wait to use this with the class I am in as well as, our school to explain it in a way that makes it an important part of everyone's day

- Anna H.


I am reorganizing my curriculum to embrace more mindfulness and yoga for kids practice - your stories are brilliant and the cards wonderful. I thank you as an educator in the profession for over 40+ years. I have a bag of tricks - with favorite teacher resources and you are now among the most esteemed."

- Laura S.