Good Night, Animal World (English)

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Help your children sleep better with this yoga bedtime story

Say good night to the animals of the world through calming yoga poses for kids. Join six yoga kids as you perch like a bald eagle, crouch like a tiger, and curl up like a sloth. Included is a list of Yoga Poses and a Parent Guide with tips on creating a successful bedtime experience. Age group: Toddler, preschoolers ages 2-5.

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57 reviews for Good Night, Animal World (English)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eve, Barefoot Librarian

    Amazon review

    This title is one of about 10 books in the Kids Yoga Stories. These books integrate yoga poses into stories that provide information, about animals, other countries and often present educational concepts such as shapes, colors and seasons. Some titles in the series teach life lessons such as embracing diversity. The author, Giselle Shardlow, uses her educational expertise from her Masters of International Education; her eight years of experience teaching grades K-5 in Guatemala, Australia, Canada and United States; and her certification as a yoga instructor to bring multiple layers of learning to each book. Each title is a rich experience, creating various educational applications for both school and home.

    The yoga component itself is a wonderful tool. Many educators and parents use yoga to help children calm themselves. As an adult who has recently started yoga, I truly understand how effective yoga can be to reduce stress. While concentrating on maintaining the yoga position, breathing, and tightening or softening appropriate muscles, the mind is so busy it cannot focus on the stressor that occurred. Yoga is an easy and effective tool to help children in dealing with their emotions and stresses. Each book contains helpful end notes to guide the parent or educator to safely and successfully introduce yoga to children and making it a more meaningful and enjoyable experience for everyone.

    But in addition to the yoga component, the stories present information about animals, seasons and concepts such as colors. For example in Good Night, Animal World introduces the reader to children from different parts of the world. Each child has a name common in their country and says hello in their native language. Each page features an animal for a different part the world and the child from that region demonstrating the pose named for a characteristic of that animal. In addition the book contains a map depicting where the animals live. Also included are the flags for each country represented in the book. (This book is also available in Spanish.)

    As a retired school librarian, I appreciate books which can be used to introduce multiple ideas. And engaging stories such as these have been proven to be a successful way to introduce students to concepts. The author has done an expert job at packing a variety of knowledge into bright, cheerful picture books. I sell the Yoga Kids Stories in my personal book business at book fairs and educational conferences ( I highly recommend this book in the Kids Yoga Stories series.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazon review

    Adorable and fun!

    I found the book adorable with such cute illustrations! You read along and say goodnight to animals from different parts of the world and learn different yoga positions on each colorful page. I’m sure any kid would enjoy reading the fun story and learning yoga poses from the book. A fun story and a great teaching tool as well. I highly recommend this picture book to all parents and teachers of active little toddlers. Happy reading!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ms. K

    Amazon review

    Great way to introduce yoga to a toddler.

    I love doing yoga and it was something I have always wanted to introduce to my child, although I wasn’t really sure how to go about doing it. I recently bought this book for my daughter, who is 20 months old. She absolutely loves it. It is perfect timing as she is loving animals and saying good night to everything at the moment. She really enjoys copying me do the yoga poses (or easier versions) of it and the book is becoming part of our bedtime routine at her request. I am enjoying sharing yoga with her and I think this is a book that will really grow with her. It looks lovely. My only minor criticism is that I wish the paper was of a higher quality.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marta, A Bilingual Baby

    Bedtime is a hard time! That’s why I love that this book helps my son release extra energy right before going to bed. On every page of the book, you find a child and an animal showing calming yoga poses. I basically show my son the book and he starts moving just because it’s fun for him to act out the animals. It helps him unwind (and me, too!). I love the guide at the end giving useful tips on creating a good bedtime routine, such as the ritual of four Bs: brush, bath, book and bed. A very practical book to do fun yoga poses.

    Read Fun and Calming Yoga Poses before Bedtime!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    The Inspired Treehouse

    With two preschool-aged boys, bedtime in our house is anything but calm and quiet. There is typically a lot of running, jumping, tackling, and yelling that goes on right up until the moment they finally crash into their beds.

    With its simple story and colorful illustrations, Good Night, Animal World is the perfect bedtime book for preschoolers. My boys couldn’t roll their yoga mats out fast enough when I brought out the book before bedtime. They loved learning about new animals from all over the world and practicing the yoga poses that went with each one. I loved having a way to spend some quality time with them at the end of the day that allowed us to move and play together without the typical rough housing that typically happens before bedtime.

    From a developmental standpoint, the poses in Good Night, Animal World are great gross motor activities for targeting flexibility, balance, coordination, and strengthening. The kids loved the balance challenge of perching like an Eagle and the flexibility challenge of stretching into Pigeon Pose. Downward Dog is always one of their favorites – they were excited that there was a pose in the book that they were already familiar with. They love this pose because it lets them pretend to be dogs…as a therapist, I love watching them work on strengthening those arms and hands! In Good Night, Animal World, Giselle has expertly placed poses with calming sensory effects (e.g. rocking side to side in Happy Baby Pose, resting in Child’s Pose) toward the end, after the more physically challenging poses to help kids calm their bodies down before bed.

    My boys’ favorite part of the book was the map at the end, where they could search and find where each animal lives. They also loved that there was a list at the end of the book with each animal and its corresponding pose, so they could go back through and practice the sequence one more quick time before bed.

    As a mom, it was cool to see how Good Night, Animal World appealed to my boys’ love for movement and fun but gave us a way to channel all of that little boy energy into a more structured, calming activity before bed. The guide at the end of the book also provided lots of great tips for setting the stage for a relaxed bedtime and establishing lifelong healthy sleep habits for kids.

    Read Gross Motor Activities: Book Review – Good Night, Animal World

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Leanna, All Done Monkey

    Monkey and I were already big fans of the Kids Yoga Stories, so we were excited to read another. If you are unfamiliar with these books, what makes them unique is the author’s ability to weave yoga poses into an engaging children’s story, complete with visuals, so that kids (and adults!) can move along with the characters in the stories.

    In Good Night, Animal World children are taken on a bedtime tour of the animal world, saying good night to furry friends as they do relaxing poses that help them wind down for the night. The text and the movements work in concert to help body and mind gently tune into nighttime rhythms. A bonus for fans of the series is that you will see many of your favorite characters, like Sophia and Luke!

    Monkey loves this book, and I feel only a little sneaky using it to help him fall asleep 🙂

    Read Bedtime Books for the Active Child

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sarah Perry, Living As We

    We loved this book! It was fantastic that Giselle takes you on a trip around the world one animal at a time. We had so much fun taking turns doing the different poses. It wound up being a fun activity to do before bed, and something a little different from just reading a book like we usually do.

    I have been curious about us trying yoga together for a while, so this was the perfect option to introduce it in a child friendly way. The illustrations were well done and clear for us both to see what the poses were and what animals were represented. It seemed to work out any extra energy that she we had. As a parent, I appreciated that there was a list of the kids yoga poses after the story. There was also a lot of great tips for getting the most out of our yoga experience.

    I can see this becoming a regular routine for us.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lorena, A Leisure Moment

    Travel the world and practice yoga at the same with your child in Good Night Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story. Readers will travel through six continents: Central America, Asia, Australia, North America, Europe and Africa. Along the way, readers will meet special animals that inspired each of the yoga poses. This is a fun book that helps inspire yoga practice with your child. The illustrations feature an animal and an inset of a child in a different yoga pose in each page. I love to practice yoga and this book includes thirteen different poses to start your practice with your child.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lisa, Squishable Baby

    I just finished 30 minutes of yoga. While my body is swimming in new oxygen, relaxed and invigorated from a hard week of working out, children, homeschooling, and the stresses that life brings – it seems like the perfect time to center myself and complete this review!

    I have had the honor of reviewing a few of Giselle Shardlow’s other Kids Yoga Stories Books (Sophia’s Jungle Adventure and The ABC’s of Australian Animals) and I must say that Goodnight, Animal World stands up to the best of the best! Here is a book that’s unlike the other two books, in that there isn’t a story (per-se) but a way to use yoga at bedtime, to relax, calm down from a busy day, stretch out and fall asleep. I know this book is for the youngest ones, but even my 9-year-old loved it!
    The book takes you through the world and says goodnight to all kinds of animals. I love it, because not only is there a potential to learn new yoga poses, but also learn about countries, and new animals that your child hasn’t yet seen.

    With Kids Yoga Stories, here is a way to promote literacy, physical fitness, and education all in one. As we already know, kids learn best when multiple senses are engaged. Here is a way to relax and renew and bedtime.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jessica McCort, The Owl’s Skull

    We absolutely adore this book!!! If you are a yoga lover and like to engage your kids in a practice that is fun and manageable, you must try it. It’s relaxing for both parent and child. My nine-year-old even gets in on the action.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Learning & Growing the Piwi Way

    Bedtime for the kids can be something parents dread if they know it is going to be battle. I speak from experience. It took me a good while to find decent routine that would work even if we were on vacation or on the move. Still there are nights when I grow a grey hair or two.
    This is why I was excited to be offered the chance to review a very different type of bedtime story.

    Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story was written by Giselle Shardlow and includes 13 calming yoga poses that kids can do as you read the text aloud. On each page is a different animal from one of 6 parts of the world. A related yoga pose is demonstrated by one of 6 cute cartoon kids. The beautiful illustrations by Emily Gedzyk show the animals looking calm and sleepy. The simple text has kids saying goodnight to each fuzzy friend.

    I was initially concerned that having the kids balancing and stretching right before bed could get them all energized but I am happy to report I was wrong. The pictures and the poses gave them something to focus on and they have enjoyed adding it into their evening right after toothbrushing. What I also liked a lot was that the text makes it simple enough to hold a younger child’s attention and the poses were suitable for all ages and strength. I would throughly recommend this book to Parents and Grandparent of preschool through 3rd grade. It is likely, however that younger or older siblings are going to have no issues with joining in the yoga fun.

  12. Rated 4 out of 5

    Naila Moon, Once Upon a Time

    Naila Moon reviews Good Night, Animal World

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Teresa, Nanna Three and Counting

    This Book is amazing. It is a great book for younger children. My grandchildren just loved it they really loved being able to follow along with the story and being able to do the Yoga moves in the book which I was excited to see them do and we all had fun doing it together. The pictures were perfect and easy for the children to relate to. It is a really great book for younger children who are starting to learn to read. The reading and the moving was a strong story about saying good night to the animals of the world. We would give this book a 5 star review. If you have wee little ones I would recommend that you go and pick up this book and read it you will really enjoy it. We have read it every night and still love to do the Yoga moves so it is not only a book it is a form of exercise for the children and yourself.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Savannah Mae, Say What? Savannah Mae Kids

    I will start off by saying that Good Night, Animal World by Giselle Shardlow is a beautifully illustrated book. The author has a welcome message giving readers the general idea of what to expect from her book. The very next page there are illustrations of six children from different countries with each holding their country’s flag and a blurb about what country that child is from. I particularly loved this aspect. Teaching children about other cultures is very important and can have such a positive impact on our not-so-nice society portraying stereotypes and prejudices.

    Getting into the book, each page is preps the child for bed with an animal to say good night to and a yoga pose that is helpful to calm the mind. The entire book is very simple yet powerful when it comes to bedtime. Like many parents, I often have issues getting my son chill and down for bed. “Good Night, Animal World” by Giselle Shardlow has provided a wonderful children’s book to aid in this sometimes seemingly never ending struggle to get the tot to a calm place and get to sleep.

    I highly recommend that lovers of yoga add this book to their children’s library. Many children will be calmed while doing their peaceful yoga poses and hopefully head off into a dream-filled sleep.

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kerry Aradhya, Picture Books & Pirouettes

    A lot of movement-themed picture books are not the best bedtime picks because they can rile up little ones and make it hard for them to fall asleep. But Good Night, Animal World — a new children’s book by yoga teacher and independent author Giselle Shardlow — was written to be read specifically at bedtime.

    The yoga-inspired text and the illustrations by Emily Gedzyk are all meant to help wind children down at night so they can relax and sleep well. What a great premise — and one that definitely got me excited (especially as a mother) to look inside this book!

    Inside, six characters take readers to six parts of the world — Australia, England, Guatamala, India, Tanzania, and the United States — to say goodnight to animals from those specific regions. Each page shows an illustration of an animal, accompanied by some simple text (some imagery about the animal and a goodnight message) and a yoga pose. The 13 poses in the book, chosen for their calming potential, include forward bends, restorative poses, gentle twists, and some inversions.

    It’s actually hard to see how children wouldn’t be calm after finishing this book. “Embrace their creativity and let them experiment with the poses. Whatever helps them release extra energy before bedtime is the perfect pose,” says Giselle. The poses are even laid out in a sequence that facilitates flow from one pose to the next. And my favorite part of the book? The resting pose at the end! Just thinking about it is making me super sleepy… I think I need to take a rest!

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Belinda Brock, grandbooking

    I invited my niece and her son, Brandon, who is 3 1/2 years old, to read this book. He had never done any yoga before but was happy to read the book and try it out. Brandon loved the book—in fact, he read the story and tried out the poses twice. This is a good sign as this book is not intended to be a one-time read. Actually, we all learned something—Pandas from India look totally different! He enjoyed the interaction and attention from the adults—it’s definitely a fun way to bond. A parent’s guide provides suggestions for creating calming bedtime rituals, in general, and specifically, how best to incorporate yoga into your child’s bedtime routine. This book has so much to offer: engaging illustrations, animals, geography, culture, and yoga relaxation, and it all comes together seamlessly.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alyson LaBarge, Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

    As the mom of three girls, I know it is important for me to set the right example of not only taking care of my family but myself as well. Practicing Yoga is one of the ways I like to do that so imagine how pleased I was to get to review Giselle Sharlow’s sweet and magical book, Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story. The title, Good Night, Animal World, reminded me of Goodnight Moon, a story recited many times over in earlier days. While the age group for this book is roughly ages 2 1/2 to 6, Paris and Paige enjoyed me reading this to them. The simple refrain of telling the animals goodnight had a soothing quality as they bent and stretched away the tension and worries of the day.

    At our house, we have a running joke about Colby, our Lab practicing his ‘Down Dog’ Yoga pose. (image of dog)
    So imagine our giggles when we saw the Sheepdog practicing his! (image of Sheepdog page)

    That is how cute this book is. Ms. Shardlow hit right on the mark with this and a whole series of books designed to delight and the illustrations by Emily Gedzyk are both whimsical and entertaining. I loved the multi-cultural touches and highly recommend this book. I would especially give this book to any parent searching for new and healthy ways to encourage relaxation and calm before sleep.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dawn, Dawn’s Disaster

    The Big One and Ms. Middle read this book with me. We loved that this book was full of yoga positions that were easy enough for all three of us to try. The story was light and Ms. Middle was able to fully follow along.

    The Big One {TBO}: Mom
    Me: Yes
    TBO: Can we read that one book?
    Ms. Middle {MM}: Yea, can we?
    Me: Sure, why don’t you go get it.
    TBO: Mom, the one with the Yogi?
    MM: The bear?
    Me: It’s YO-GAH
    MM: Yea, like the bear. Can we get a talking bear, mom? Like, for my birthday?
    Me: Well, why don’t we start with this book and see if we still want a bear tomorrow, ok?
    MM: A talking bear.
    TBO: Dad’s just going to say “no”.
    Me: Probably.

    TBO: I liked the pictures and that I was able to do what the pictures showed. It was easy to do. I think I can do it every night…if my mom let’s me {eyes roll}. It was short, I could have read some more.

    TBO Grade ~ A+

    MM: When the end came, I was sad. I wanted more pictures because they were good and you let me try them.

    MM Grade ~ A+

    Me: We enjoyed that three of us were able to participate with the book. The yoga positions were easy enough that even Little Baby could participate the next time we do this {if she’s awake}. I’m not sure that we would give her the book we printed, but she could try the poses with us. The story didn’t need a lot of attention, which was good because the Beanie Babies were paying more attention to the yoga than the story.

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tara, Looney’s Lit Blog

    I can’t stress enough how amazing this story was for my daughter. At the age of 3 she was diagnosed with developmental delays in speech and language and sensory processing disorders. We attempt to help her by watching her diet, visits with a speech and language pathologist and occupational therapists and dance/gymnastics. Bedtime has always been an issue because even when her poor little body is exhausted her brain is telling her that it needs movement.

    Not only did this story offer the movement she needed but it also gave her the opportunity to calm down and breathe deeply as she progressed through the movements. We also loved the animals and the exposure of their geographical habitats. I think our favorite is the turtle! This has become a part of our nighttime routine and has benefited the whole family!

    We give it two thumbs up and will definitely be looking to add more of the Kids Yoga Stories to our collection!

  20. Rated 5 out of 5

    Desperate Homeschoolers

    Bignificent from Desperate Homeschoolers reviews Good Night, Animal World

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tina, Mommynificent

    My thoughts on this book are that I love it! It is a wonderful book for children on at least three different levels. First of all, I love the journey around the world with children from around the world to learn about animals of the world. There are many geography, culture, and animal habitat lessons hiding in this little book!

    Secondly, I love the yoga poses included. My children loved that there was a pose for each animal in the book. They were forced to do a lot of critical thinking as I had them try to figure out the poses themselves from the book, and I only stepped in when absolutely necessary.

    And finally, I love the full-body wind-down aspect of this book. There are times when we need to physically calm ourselves down before a rest, and this book is perfect for that! It is a beautiful addition to any bedtime or naptime routine or would be a good tool to keep on hand for those times when it’s especially hard to calm down.

    The Parent Guide at the end with tips on creating a successful bedtime experience is a surprisingly wonderful bonus. It in itself is worth the price of the book, in my opinion! Giselle has done a fantastic job distilling and summarizing what takes chapters in other parenting books into an incredibly useful little resource at the back of this one.

  22. Rated 4 out of 5

    Chauntelle, Storytime Books

    I thought that this book was very creative. I reviewed a kids picture/yoga book before and didn’t really find that it was relevant to the story. However, I think this time, the author did a good job as far as making the yoga poses relevant to the plot and tying it in with animals, which most children love doing. The illustrations are really detailed as well, making the animals and scenery look as real as it can get.

    It’s a great book to read so that kids can learn a new way to exercise, but still get in a good story as well. So if you are looking to try out a yoga/picture book for your children, I recommend checking this one out. They’ll be wanting to do the yoga poses with the animals, over and over again!

  23. Rated 4 out of 5

    Phaedra Seabolt, Identity Discovery

    This is a really cute book. I mean that from the artistic stand point. I loved the artwork. Each page is focused on a different yoga move that children can do and would serve as a good starting point for a yoga novice. The names of each move have been slightly changed to reflect a typical animal pose. This is so that kids willv remember them better. I can see that the poses picked would also make a great stretching routine after extreme play. They have been put together in this book to help children relax and get ready for bed.

    I have never done yoga before but I really want to try it. This book is actually something I am considering starting with and to get my son to do it too. It will be hard to get him to concentrate on it, but if I do it too, he just might do it too. I think it’s a great thing for you to try with your kids either before you Ajay have a bed time routine or when they are old enough to change their routine.

  24. Rated 4 out of 5

    Randie Smith, Domestic Randomness

    I asked to be included in this tour because this book sounded interesting to me. And it is super cute! The story is about saying goodnight to a bunch of different animals across the world, but the really fun part is the yoga poses that go with each part of the story. The yoga poses have something to do with the animal (although sometimes that something is a bit of a stretch 🙂 ) and you do them with your child as you are going through the book. I haven’t been able to get Little Man to do them with me yet, but I will keep working on him :). I love the idea of doing yoga with my children! Oh and in case you are wondering how a yoga book is a good night book. The poses work their way from more active poses like the kangaroo hop (get those wiggles out!) to the resting pose. At the end of the story they would be laying down in bed. So this would be a great story to read together right before bed. At the end of the story there is a map showing where the animals are from around the world, so it would also be great for talking about geography and the variety of animals found in different places. Then there is a parents section with a list of the poses, animals, countries, a picture of the pose, and some tips for reading and doing the book together with your child. Overall this book is a great resource and I really enjoy it.

  25. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jennifer Hughes, Generation iKid

    Putting children to bed can be tough enough. But when you’re trying to calm them down after a long day, it can really test you. But what if a book could create a wonderful bedtime routine incorporating yoga, a relaxing story and just plain wonderful bonding time?

    This book would be a wonderful routine to add to your bedtime routine for a toddler. By matching the poses with different animals, your child can pretend she’s like the animal while learning basic yoga stances.

    I have friends whose children have tried yoga and have loved it; however, I have two very energetic boys. We did try the poses, which I enjoyed, but they just couldn’t center themselves enough for yoga. My oldest even had to do yoga at summer camp, but it just wasn’t a match for him.
    While yoga may not be for everyone, I think it’s a wonderful practice to introduce and expose children to. Good Night Animal World can be a terrific outlet for many kids… and adults, too!

  26. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrea Hardman, No Doubt Learning

    If your kids tend to wind up at bedtime, try calming them down with a little yoga to put them in a sleepy time mood. Throughout the book Good Night, Animal World, kids will enjoy trying out 13 animal-related yoga poses, while following along with the colorful illustrations across 6 continents.

    I followed this book with my 5 and 7 year old girls, who were immediately interested because they look up to their yoga-practicing aunt. We used the suggestions in the enclosed parents guide to create a calming environment by rolling out towels in one of their rooms and playing soft music, while we read slowly through the book. They had so much fun with trying to hold the poses, especially the Downward-Facing Dog Pose and the Cobbler’s Pose, and had lots of laughs attempting the Eagle Pose, which took a little more coordination than the rest!

    The book on its own is an enjoyable bedtime story, but to really enjoy this book to its fullest, I would suggest utilizing the parent guide in the back of the book to develop a nightly routine using the yoga poses including breathing, reflection, and more.
    I was impressed with all the learning connections my girls encountered in the book: animals, continents, and several countries with their flags. My girls were especially interested in the map showing which continent each animal lived and are now interested in learning more about the echidna. As we strive to develop a new routine of yoga moves, we are excited to add this to the bedtime routine in our house.

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    Melanie Schemanski, A Year of Jubilee Reviews

    My 6 year old loves this book! What a fun way to get ready for bed by stretching and doing some yoga poses that resemble animals. This was entertaining, but also relaxing for him to get ready for bed. As a lover of all animals, this was the perfect book for him to read again and again, learning the poses and remembering the different animals in the book. The illustrations were gorgeous! I loved the uniqueness of the animals, some we recognize and others not as much. It opened up a new concept of relaxation before bedtime!

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bonnie Dani, Adalinc to Life

    What parent doesn’t long for a nice, calming, relaxing bedtime routine where their children easily and effortlessly fall into their slumber? First it starts with a predictable routine. In our house it goes something like this. PJs, brush teeth then cozy up in bed with a bedtime story. Simple. The bedtime story has always been my favourite part. But what do you do when your little one is not quite ready to settle in their bed? Good Night, Animal World: a Kids Yoga Bedtime Story by Giselle Shardlow is a great way to bridge that gap.

    The person who loved this book the most in our family was my three and a half year old daughter. We have been practicing yoga moves from other books so she was eager to try it out. My two boys were not really interested they are 5 and 7, however, I believe if I had included this as a part of their bedtime routine since the age of 2 when they were moved into big boy beds it would become like second nature to them. So I focused on my daughter who loves it! So now we read it and do the poses after pjs and brushing teeth. It doesn’t take very long and it is better than the alternative of chasing your children down the hallway coaxing, cajoling back into their bedroom and trying to wrestle them into the bed for a story. Yoga is known for its calming, relaxing properties and so it is great when your child has little bit of extra giddy up before bed. She loves to say good night to each animal and her favourite is the Butterfly pose(see below). I can see how as she gets older it would just become a part of settling into bed. I like starting healthy habits young.

    The book itself is a great multicultural book as first the readers are introduced to children all over the world and their flags. Each animal for the poses also covers the four corners of the world. The illustrations are computer generated and are colourful and I would say are sufficient for their message. Overall, this book is a great addition to any bedtime collection and I know my daughter and I will enjoy the bonding we can do when reading and doing the yoga from this book.

  29. Rated 5 out of 5

    Deal Sharing Aunt

    The illustrations in this book were really spirited. I loved that the poses were meant to be relaxing, and calming. This is also a great book for kids, and there is even a map that shows where the animals come from. I enjoyed reading about the children of the world saying their greetings. I am giving this book a 5/5.

  30. Rated 5 out of 5

    GIFT Growing Intentional Families Together

    At GIFT, we focus on Growing Intentional Families Together in all aspects of family life. Bedtime is one of those parts of family living that can benefit from intentionality. Many kids resist ending their activities. Bedtime can be a source of tension and frustration. Nighttime routines should help to calm a rambunctious child and prepare him for sleep. This is especially important for a child who finds transitions challenging. The best routines have a predictable format and include calm interactions like reading. Consider the topic of a story. Does it help soothe a child? Or get his engine racing? Some books are better suited for other times of the day.
    One excellent book to consider, Good Night, Animal World by Giselle Shardlow blends perennial kid-friendly topics—animals and other kids—with yoga. The simple, repetitive text repeats the phrase “Good Night,” to each animal. With a multicultural flair, the story travels around the world to see the animals and children in their native settings. Emily Gedzyk has created lovely illustrations using children from around the world.

  31. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lakshmi Gosyne

    Good Night, Animal World is elegant in its simplicity. If you have a child at home who cannot get to sleep easily this would be a fun way to get them used to the idea of bedtime and that all animals and children sleep. I liked how it incorporates both animals and children from all over the world. It can be used in both a yoga class and in a regular classroom. Picture books that can spark discussion and lead to other topics is always a welcome addition to any home, school or classroom library. I can easily see this being a fun way to talk about different habitats from around the world, multiculturalism, sleeping habits of animals and a variety of different focal points. The only suggestion that I could possibly offer would be to see real children doing the poses. Another book well worth buying from the Kids Yoga Stories series.

  32. Rated 4 out of 5

    Ashley Howland, Stitch Says

    Stitch (the Labrador) enjoyed this book:
    This is the perfect picture book for over tired children. They can enjoy the animal pictures and do some yoga stretches at the same time. It’s a great way to get children to calm themselves and have an excellent night’s sleep. Stitch Says gives it 4 woofs!

  33. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sweet Day’s Lifebook

    Little One and I have enjoyed this book! Incorporating yoga into the book is something new to us! Isn’t it good we could do some exercises while reading the book? Little one could do all except the eagle pose. She loves especially the kangaroo pose!

    The story is simple. First, the 6 yoga kids from different continents are being introduced. We learnt how to say “Hello” in 6 different ways! Then, we proceed saying good night to 12 special animals from the 6 continents. Each yoga kid would introduce their 2 of their own special animals as well as showing us how to do a yoga pose that corresponds to these animals and finally ending the yoga session with a resting pose. (Perfect pose for little one to sleep, I would say!).

    Besides introducing yoga and the special animals, the book also gave a glimpse what these animals are doing in their natural habitat.

    In addition, the book comes with a geographic map of where these animals are located. There is also a detailed guide towards the back of the book showing how you could use this book.

    Some ideas and Activities you can do with this book:

    1) Read the book to the child/ children and get them do some yoga together.
    2) After reading, get the child/ children to recall what animals appear in the story. You may want to proceed with getting them to do the corresponding yoga pose.
    3) Introducing geographic location of the spoken animals.
    4) Find out more about the 12 animals and introduce them in greater depth. Some animals are found exclusively in one continent while some are not.
    5) Ask your child/ children which animals are not found in your local zoo/ park.
    6) Identifying flags of 6 countries (I would prefer to have them in mirror image though)

    This book is no doubt a great introduction to the various animals (some of them we have yet to see before eg. Echidna) and Geography! I shall be continuing doing the yoga poses with the little one. Isn’t this great for parent-child bonding?

  34. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jenny H., Books, Babies, and Bows

    I cannot tell you how excited I was when I received Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story in the mail a little over a month ago. Since receiving the book, the pages have become worn and bent, and the story has become part of our nightly routine. The story has six yoga kids that show a variety of calming yoga poses inspired by animals around the world. As you travel around the world with the yoga kids, the poses become increasingly more calming, encouraging the child to settle down before bed.

    The book itself is laid out masterfully to engage both the parent in the instruction of the yoga and for the child to follow along. The book begins with a letter introducing the book and suggestions on how to make the process of moving and reading enjoyable. The six yoga kids make their introductions, sharing the city and country of their origin. Then, as the story unfolds, each page introduces a beautifully illustrated picture of a new animal, a sentence explaining the movement of the animal, and a child showing the movement in the form of a yoga pose. At the end of the book there is a map of the world with the animals positioned in countries where they can be found and a wonderful list of the yoga poses. Finally, there is a wonderful guide that shares suggestions on creating a calming environment through yoga and other practices before bed.

    It was completely serendipitous that I received this book just as our nightly book reading routine with my toddler had dissolved from snuggling on the rocking chair and reading, to a wild thing refusing to settle before bed. At 22 months, Little Jo is eager to get as much movement out of her little body and spend the absolute minimum amount of time sitting still. From the day we received the book and every day since (including before nap times on the weekends), we have started out bedtime routine with this book. I have noticed how in the beginning, she would hold each post for a second or two, whereas now she can maintain the poses for much longer. She has also grown stronger. In the beginning, she used to have to rest her head on the floor when she would do the downward dog post; however just tonight I noticed that she sturdily held her head up off the ground, even while giggling with her older sister.

    Not only is the book fantastic, but Giselle Shardlow’s website for the series of books is a invaluable resource for incorporating yoga into other activities and reading. I especially love this article that suggests poses to do along with the Bill Martin books such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?

    Not only has incorporating yoga into our nightly routine helped my wild monkey toddler, it has also helped my oldest daughter, who at seven years old very often tells me that she cannot shut her brain off when it is time for bed. I highly recommend not only the book, but please check out, as well for a complete series of yoga books for kids.

    I was so thrilled with the positive effect the book had on our bedtime routine that I lent the book to my friend to try. Here are some adorable picture only friend my the poses with her son.

  35. Rated 4 out of 5

    Darlene Arroyo-Lozada, For the love of books

    different and interesting kids book

    I found this interesting and I liked the fact that it teach us about yoga relaxation and animals at the same time. Looking forward to reading more of them and trying these out with my kids. they love animal books.

  36. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hazel Nutt’s Toddler Talk

    This is a review written from 3 year old Hazel Nutt’s point of view.
    My Mummy loved reading me Good Night Animal World, as her Mum (my MiMa) taught her Salute to the Sun when she was young.
    We had loads of fun doing the funny positions shown in the book (which I am told is called yoga) – it was great mummy and me time (or Daddy and me time) just before bed.
    I loved looking at all the different animals all over the world and I liked the UK ones, as I am from there. I never knew the world was so big and we are from such a tiny place.
    Apparently there are lots of different countries all over the world and loads more animals in it as well. Did you know that?
    This book has opened a whole new world to me.

  37. Rated 4 out of 5

    Christy K, Christy’s Houseful of Chaos

    Some books aren’t really books as much as they are activities in book form. Goodnight Animal World is one of those types of books. It’s subtitle is: A Kid’s Yoga Bedtime Story. After introducing six children from six different countries, the book announces its time to say goodbye to animals around the world. Then each page is says goodnight to an animal, with a large picture of the animal and a smaller picture of one of the children in a yoga pose. A map of the end shows which animals are from which of the six countries featured. Two pages summarize the list of animals and poses so that you could do them without having to turn pages every few minutes. These are followed by more activity ideas and hints for using the book for a bedtime ritual. The book is a great one if you’re looking for a way to introduce some gentle yoga stretches into your children’s lives.
    Reading the book I realize that my children and I are not very good at bedtime rituals. We have set bedtimes for each child, and the children are tucked in and kissed goodnight, but partly because each child goes to bed at a different time we don’t make a big ritual out of it. We do our reading during the day, not right before bed, so if I left the book to read with my children at bedtime, I’d probably forget to read it to them at all, and I’m glad I didn’t do that because they had great fun with the book, trying the poses and playing at being the animals.
    I love the geographical component of the book. We have a big map in our living room and we’re regularly pointing out where different characters in books live, so this book fit right into that. We talked about the different flags as well.
    The pictures of the book are computer done with solid colors and gradients. It is a method of illustration that lends itself to lazy repetition. The flowers in a vase are all the same flower repeated and spun a different direction. The leaves on the Koala’s tree involve a lot of copied-pasted leaves altered slightly by pulling and turning different directions. It does a reasonable job of illustrating and my children didn’t notice the repetition but it isn’t exactly art. Luckily the book is charming enough as an activity in book form, the art is somewhat irrelevant.

  38. Rated 4 out of 5

    Christy Maurer, Christy’s Cozy Corners

    Good Night Animal World is a sweet little children’s book that shows different animals from around the world going to sleep. With each animal, a yoga pose is shown by one of the children in the book. It is said that yoga can help children as well as adults relax so this could be a very calming book to read to your child before bed.

    The illustrations in Good Night Animal World are full of vibrant colors that are very eye-catching, yet soothing. The text is very simple and not overwhelming for even the youngest of children. Including the poses on each page allows for children to interact with the book if they wish to while you read.

    After the story, there is an illustrated guide for all of the poses found in the book as well as a kids yoga stories guide. The author bases her advice on her experience as a mother, but she does suggest checking with your children’s pediatrician if they are having sleep issues. I think you will find Good Night Animal World to be a very soothing book with lots of helpful tips to helping your child relax.

  39. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joana Arteaga, Always Jo Art

    I read Good Night, Animal World to my 5 year old daughter and we both loved it. The book starts with six children from different parts of the world introducing themselves. I tried to use a different voice for all six children and my daughter loved that, she thought it was so funny. Before reading each page we would talk about the animal and tried to copy the pose. She would hold that pose until I was done reading that page and would say goodnight to the animal. She said goodnight to each animal right after I did and I thought that was so cute. In the back of the book there is a map of the animals around the world and a list of the yoga poses with demonstration. This book was so fun for me and my daughter and I recommend it to parents with very young children. I give this bedtime book 5 stars!

  40. Rated 4 out of 5

    Kay LaLone, I Love Books

    This is a great book to include in your child’s bedtime routine. This book entertains as well as help them to calm done before bed. My nephew enjoyed the interaction with this book. I can’t wait to share this book with my grand kids.

  41. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kim Belcheff, Heart of a Philanthropist

    I’ve never done yoga in my life. I have to say the thought of ‘striking a pose’ made me a bit nervous. However, Giselle Shardlow made the poses easy to follow with drawings of animals that sit and stand in yoga poses naturally. Squatting like a kangaroo is fun when you do it with your children! This book is great for many reasons. It has pictures of kids from around the globe, maps, animals, physical education, flags from different countries, and a parental guide to teach how to use the book.

  42. Rated 5 out of 5

    Julie Grasso, When I Grow Up, I Wanna Write a Kid’s Book

    I recently had a friend stay with us who loved Yoga. As a result my little G wanted to do Yoga too, so when I saw this book available for a blog tour, I was so excited. It opens with children all over the world, greeting us hello, and setting the tone for a wonderfully diverse picture book. Each animal is depicted with one of the children of the world copying with a very simple yoga pose. The poses were so fun and little G absolutely loved it. She diligently followed along and at the end said, “AGAIN, AGAIN.” The conclusion of the book has some great tips on creating a calm and soothing environment to help prepare your little one for sleep. The illustrations were really sweet and the poses were very easy to follow. Our bottom line, we loved this book and will probably make it a little bedtime routine. 5 STARS

  43. Rated 4 out of 5

    Marissa, Reading List

    To be honest, when I first read the introduction for this book I starting thinking this wasn’t going to be for us at all. My kids have a pretty good bed routine, and I wasn’t sure adding in an actual physical activity would be for us. But then I decided to try it before middle of the day rest time/nap time, and suddenly this book was perfect!

    My boys love animals – more specifically they love pretending to be crazy loud animals. And this book fed that love easily. We learned about a couple of new animals, and discussed where different animals lived as we read the book straight through. Then after reading it, we spent about ten minutes trying out the different poses inspired by the animals in the book. It was fun.

    I’m not sure it actually helped with rest time, but I felt good knowing I had physically engaged these little guys before they had to be still for a little while. Plus it was a great opportunity to silly together – I mean lets be honest, little kids doing yoga with a pregnant mommy is simply silly!

    I’d recommend this book to families with kids around 3-5 as the simple text and illustrations might not capture older kids, while younger kids might not be will to give the poses a try (unless they are copying older brother!).

  44. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aparna Singh of Doodles, doodles Everywhere

    I found the book adorable with such cute illustrations! You read along and say goodnight to animals from different parts of the world and learn different yoga positions on each colorful page. I’m sure any kid would enjoy reading the fun story and learning yoga poses from the book. A fun story and a great teaching tool as well. I highly recommend this picture book to all parents and teachers of active little toddlers. Happy reading!

  45. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brooke, writer of Brooke Blogs

    Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story by Giselle Shardlow is an adorable story! I read this with my two daughters and we all enjoyed it. I like that the book represents kids from all over the world as well as animals! It was a cute story that helps kids unwind in the evening. The inset circle on each page showing a kid doing the yoga pose is great. I liked that there were some animals that aren’t ones typically talked about.

  46. Rated 5 out of 5

    Autumn, K&A’s Children’s Book Reviews

    This was a great bedtime book. Not only do you get to read and look at pictures of animals and where they come from. But you also learn yoga poses for the younger children which is great for them to do to relax before bedtime or do them when they get up in the morning.
    I myself have tried yoga before and enjoyed it, so with these kids poses I am hoping K and maybe his sister later on will want to continue learning and doing them.
    The illustrations are just perfectly done that it kept K looking at the pictures and of course telling me information about the different animals since he is such an animal person lol.

  47. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ruth, My Devotional Thoughts

    In our busy world, we know that bed time for our kids (and us) can be challenging at best sometimes. We are caught up in our busy world and often the world of electronics. We don’t get the exercise we should, and we don’t calm down before bedtime. I am so very pleased to tell you of a fantastic children’s book that not only will prepare kids (and parents) for bedtime, but it does it an engaging, calm, and healthy way. Most of us know the benefits of yoga, and yoga poses can be exactly what one needs to slow down and relax. Add some wonderful animals from all over the world, and you have a treat that will both entertain, relax, and prepare for bed! What better way to teach yoga poses than through animals? When I read this book, I felt like getting up and doing all of the poses (except it wasn’t my bedtime). I wish so much this book had been around when my daughter was little, but I highly recommend it to parents of little ones. It is a book that I could potentially see becoming part of a bedtime ritual.

  48. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christina Morley

    My daughter, Amanda, and I enjoyed reading Good Night, Animal World together, because it was interactive and the pictures were bright and cheerful. Amanda liked following the simple exercises most of all. Her favorite ones were the Moon Salute with the Red Panda, the Child’s Pose with the Short-Beaked Echidna, and the Cobbler’s Pose with the Monarch Butterfly.

    It’s a great idea to have down time before bed time and this book really helps with that. This is one of those bed-time books that can be repeated over several nights a week and still be enjoyed. It’s a good way to get your child to unwind and prepare for sleep.

    I liked how the book begins by introducing children that are from around the world. And, I liked how the exercises were listed at the end of the story for easy reference. There is also a concise Parent Guide to assist parents in making the experience for their families as rewarding as possible. Since I’m a novice when it comes to Yoga, I wasn’t sure how slowly I should have Amanda do the exercises. I think it would help to suggest that the child counts to 30 slowly while holding a pose, or something like that.

    Overall, parents must not be in a rush to get through the bed-time routine. They are responsible for creating an environment that will help their children unwind or not. Even I have to remind myself to slow down. The tips in the Parent Guide help with this.

    Christina Morley
    Blogger of Amanda’s Books and More

  49. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jenny Bynum “Black Words-White Pages”

    What an adorable story this is!! I loved the illustrations, along with each animal from a different part of the world. I even enjoyed the Yoga positions shown along with each page. This is an excellent teaching book loaded for lots of fun things to read and do as you read the story with your child. I really enjoyed the little tidbit of information at the end as well. There are some things that I could work with my niece in doing. My sixteen month old niece even enjoyed the pictures and listening to me read it to her. It has become one of her favorites.

    I highly recommend this story to parents and teachers. It’s a great story and teaching tool all in one delightful book.

    I received an e-ARC copy of this book, for a blog tour, in return for an honest review.

  50. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sheryl Haynes

    Amazon review

    I purchased this book for my 3 yr old grand daughter, for Christmas. I was drawn to the beautiful art work, connection to animals, and promotion of yoga fun. We both loved the book! Reading and Yoga!

  51. Rated 5 out of 5

    Erika Messer

    Amazon review

    This book is AWESOME! I am 37 and I enjoyed reading it and doing the poses, but I also am a single mother of a 7 year old daughter with Williams syndrome. My daughter Abby is developmentally delayed so she is about at the stage of 3 years old. So I tried this book with her because she can’t read yet but she loves to do exercises and adores animals. She thought it was so much fun doing the poses and I loved it because it was so educational for her as well. The maps helped show her where the animals were from, and I think teaching our kids about different cultures is a super thing anyways 🙂 Another plus is that it’s great physical therapy for my daughter which is something she needs, and the poses in the book are very calming. It’s a perfect read for toddlers – short but fun for them and very interactive and has the ability to keep their attention which is difficult to do for a toddler! I would recommend this book to anyone with kids.

  52. Rated 5 out of 5

    Renee @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews

    Kids Yoga Stories by Giselle Shardlow are a series of picture books that integrate two of my very favorite things: books and yoga! The goal behind the books are to “get [children] laughing, moving, and creating” and these books do just that.

    Through the use of beautiful, calming illustrations and using a soft palette of colors, Good Night, Animal World introduces readers to a diverse group of “yoga kids” (i.e., representing diverse ethnicities and gender). The yoga kids guide the reader around the world exploring geography, local fauna, and of course, simple yoga poses. Additionally, this book is intended to be a bedtime book, so while the kids are holding their yoga pose, they are encouraged to say “good night” to each individual animal. This reminded me of the sweetness of Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown – one of our very favorite board books.

    The yoga poses themselves are simple and mirror the animal that is portrayed in the book. For example, there is the “Kangaroo Pose” which, you guessed it, involves a shallow squat with arms together like a kangaroo. In addition to each page featuring an animal modeling a specific yoga post, there is a list of kids yoga poses with the name of the animal, the name of the pose, and an illustrated demonstration of each pose in the back of the book. Those of us who have done yoga before know that there are safety guidelines and these are stressed in an introduction to the book as well as a “Kids Yoga Stories Guide” in the back of the book which provides tips for the safe and proper way to introduce yoga to children. The guide in the back is particularly well done (it’s four pages long). There are details for how to create a calming environment, how to create a consistent ritual, how to relax and use repetition, and how to develop breath awareness plus so much more. This guide is EXCELLENT!

    There is more than just yoga in this book! There is also a lesson on geography. At the back of the book, there are maps showing where the animal featured in each frame lives, as well as the name of the country. Each yoga child is also holding their country flag as they introduce themselves and indicate in which country they live. So essentially, in terms of a lesson in geography, children will learn about a country, one animal that lives there, and the corresponding country flag. I thought this was exceptionally well done and just adds that much more value to this little gem of a book.

    My Bottom Line:

    Good Night, Animal World is a lovely book integrating yoga, geography, and cultural diversity with some calming bedtime reading and rituals.

    The book includes a detailed guide to help parents (or other grown-ups) introduce simple yoga poses to their children using animals and kids from around the world who demonstrate the poses in the beautiful accompanying illustrations. More than anything, this is precisely the type of book that will help grown-ups and kids bond, connect, and spend quality time together before bedtime. I HIGHLY recommend this book and the other books in the Kids Yoga Stories series. Ages 2.5 to 6.

    * I received this book free-of-charge from the author in exchange for my honest opinion about the book. All opinions expressed are my own.

  53. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lynda Dickson “Books Direct”

    Six children from around the world say goodnight to native animals by performing yoga poses that reminds us of these animals. For example, Luke from Australia demonstrates the Kangaroo pose. There are twelve animal poses in all, followed by the resting pose, all designed to help kids relax before bedtime.

    There are a number of handy extras at the end:
    A world map showing us where we can locate each of the featured animals,
    A list of all the featured yoga poses, and
    A guide for parents, including how to prepare a safe and quiet environment for your bedtime yoga and tips on how to establish a bedtime routine for your children.

    This is an informative and educational book, teaching us not only about yoga, but about animals and geography. The simple but effective drawings accurately portray each of the animals, while small inserts show the cute children performing the poses.

    I think this whole series is a fabulous idea, and I wish something like this was available when my kids were younger. This series is sure to be a hit with both parents and pre-school teachers. Don’t forget to check out the free stuff on the website to continue your yoga experience with your children.

    I received this book in return for an honest review.

  54. Rated 5 out of 5

    Deborah Seary

    Amazon review

    I used this book to end a yoga lesson at the afterschool club ages 5-10 and the kids loved it, it was just right to bring a calm air to the group. The children enjoyed telling me also where they came from as we moved around the world with the delightful characters. We had just finished Anna and her rainbow coloured matts as the main lesson, Am now looking forward to using all of the books by Giselle as they make the teaching a joy.

  55. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazon review

    Sleeping Toddler, Happy Mom

    This book has been so amazing for my 2.5 year old daughter! The illustrations are adorable! She is always so rambunctious at bedtime and this lets her get out some of that excess energy. She loves the book so much that this has been one we read every night. It helps my daughter fall asleep faster which means more time for mom in the evenings.

  56. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazon review

    Delightful Bedtime Activity Book

    What a delightful book to get young children reading and moving in a wind-down, calming story about saying goodnight to the animals of the world. I am a k-12 Reading Certified teacher who blogs about parenting at I am big fan of literacy activities that combine movement and geography in a loving parent / child interaction experience and Good night, Animal World does just that. This book would be a great addition to your book shelf.

  57. Rated 5 out of 5


    Another GREAT book!! I used this book for my kids yoga classes for ages 2-5 years old. After a very active yoga class, we read this book and did the yoga poses before the resting portion of the class. My little yogis loved the pictures and saying Good Night to all of the animals one by one. I played a calming song with some animal noises in the background and we were then able to quiet our minds and bodies for the pose of rest. I think this will become a regular pre-resting story for my classes with this age group. My 5 year old son loves to read this book again and again too! Keep the great books coming!

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