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Music and Movement for Kids Yoga Contest Giveaway

Introducing  the Music and Movement for Kids Yoga Giveaway by FirefliesYoga and Kids Yoga Stories

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It is a pleasure to introduce you to Kira Willey, a kids yoga teacher, mom, and singer-songwriter.  She is founder of Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids and has produced two CDs with yoga songs for children.

A couple of weeks ago, I was researching music for kids yoga to practice with our daughter.  Kira Willey’s two CDs were exactly what I was hoping to find!

What I love about Kira Willey’s Dance for the Sun CD:

  • The first song, Dance for the Sun, incorporates easy-to-follow yoga instructions for a Sun Salute.  We stayed at a cabin with family and friends last week, and at one point, our 2-year-old daughter was modelling the Sun Salute to three adults, by listening to the song!  Magic.
  • Kira has a gentle, sweet, and soothing voice.  The songs are great as both background music, and active singing and dancing.  Everyone at the cabin enjoyed her music.  It’s a rare treat to find a CD that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Her music naturally encourages movement and song, a perfect combination.
  • Her folk-pop music is fun, catchy, uplifting, and captivating.
  • Kira’s passion for yoga and music oozes through every song.
  • The second half of the CD includes bonus tracks with additional yoga instructions that are easy-to-follow for those new to yoga or for children practicing on their own.
  • The CD is a delightful resource for anyone looking to experience yoga with children in an active, musical way.
  • Finding Kira’s CDs has provided us with another medium (along with books and videos) in which to practice yoga with our daughter.
  • Her lyrics are largely based on nature and animals, which our daughter loves.

“Kids are the toughest crowd to please — if they’re not engaged, they simply walk away. But Kira understands her audience well. Her warm, authentic songs, with themes of nature and the simple joys of childhood, connect instantly with children.” (from

Have a look at this YouTube video of the Dance for the Sun song with a demonstration of the Sun Salute.

Another one of our favorite songs on the CD is Surfer Mama – a fun beach song to go along with Luke’s Beach DayA “Five for Five: Five kids yoga poses in five minutes” inspired by the song:

Beach: Five for Five

Sun – Sun Salute or Extended Mountain Pose

Surfer – Warrior 2 Pose

Surfboard – Plank Pose

Swimming – Locust Pose, with swimming arms

Sea Star or Sunbather – Do Nothing Pose

Action photo of our daughter doing Surfer Pose


A list of the songs on the Dance for the Sun CD, plus 14 other bonus yoga tracks:

1. “Dance For the Sun”
2. “Let’s Go to Work”
3. “Black Dog in the River”
4. “The Shimmy”
5. “The Dancing Mountain”
6. “Midnight Moonlight”
7. “Caterpillar Caterpillar”
8. “Big Brown Bear”
9. “Colors”
10. “Surfer Mama”
11. “The Sound I Found”
12. “Making Pie”
13. “Namaste Song”
14. “Banile”
15. “Welcome to Fireflies”


For this Music and Movement for Kids Yoga Contest Giveaway, we will be giving away:

Other resources by Kids Yoga Stories:

We hope that both of these resources will inspire your families to start and continue a regular yoga practice together!

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Music and Movement Giveaway

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9. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, July 21st, 2013.

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