Save Time Finding Yoga Resources. Join our “Kids Yoga Monthly” Subscription!  

Imagine a collection of thematic kids yoga resources landing directly in your inbox. That’s one less thing to plan in an already-busy schedule!

I’m Giselle, the author of Kids Yoga Stories – and I get it! 

I know what it’s like to be a primary school teacher with limited time and loads of curriculum to teach in an engaging and effective manner. I also know what it’s like to be a mom with a massive to-do list and commitments galore. 

My daughter is highly sensitive and spirited, so I’m right there with you. We depend on a yoga lifestyle that offers self-regulation tools for life. I want to make teaching yoga to kids easy and fun for you. And if I can help make your life easier, while creating a calm, connected, and confident environment in your classroom or at home, then even better!

You will receive one email per month with four goodies on a specific topic. For example, you might receive:  

  • Yoga book or yoga cards in digital format
  • Printable PDF yoga poster
  • Monthly yoga challenge to deepen your own yoga practice
  • Popular article based on the theme  
Sample of Kids Yoga Monthly Subscription - Garden theme | Kids Yoga Stories


Kids Yoga Monthly is for busy and health-conscious moms, teachers, and health practitioners who:

  • Enjoy educational, environmental, and global themes
  • Are looking for ways to present yoga in a playful, yet educational way
  • Appreciate the power of storytelling to link learning to meaningful topics
  • Want to enhance their own yoga practice  


Kids Yoga Monthly is not for people:

  •  Looking for a box of resources delivered to your door (this is digital-only)
  • Not comfortable with a computer or device (you’ll need to download the products)
  • Looking for videos (these are literacy-based products)
  • Not wanting to get involved with the child’s yoga practice (these products encourage parent-child engagement)  

“Most of the themes that I need, you already have resources for, however it takes time to search them out. If they come in one nice and tidy email, it would save so much time and hassle.”


Easy Pose for Kids - Kids Yoga Stories

“Ultimately, it’s a great time-saving resource as well as inspiration if you need a gentle push and some assurance to get a yoga practice up and going with the children in your life.” 


Cat Pose for Kids - Kids Yoga Stories

"I love receiving ideas and resources; it helps make may busy day easier and engaging for the students as I can then provide a variety of classes.” 


Triangle Forward Bend for Kids - Kids Yoga Stories

“I need to tell you that your mailing list is by far one of my favorite. It’s very complete, awesome, balanced, smart… showing your good spirit and brain!” 


Let us do the research and planning for you! Join the Kids Yoga Monthly wait list today!