What is yoga?

Yoga means “union.”  I think of yoga as a balance between mind, body, and spirit.  It’s a lifestyle that combines physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, character education, positive affirmations, and service to others. Practicing yoga includes physical postures, but yoga is more than just bending and stretching.

What is kids yoga?

Kids yoga is a lot like yoga for adults, but it focuses more on creativity and incorporating movement into life than it does on practicing perfectly aligned poses.  Kids yoga encourages having fun while learning the basics of yoga. It’s spontaneous, light-hearted, and encouraging.

What is a yoga story?

A yoga story integrates yoga postures and philosophy into a storybook for children.

The purpose of our yoga stories is to integrate movement, reading, and fun to foster critically thinking children who are creative, responsible, and globally minded.  Children follow the Yoga Kids in the books and act out various pretend journeys while learning about different places in the world as well as foreign cultures and new animals.

What are the benefits of yoga stories?

  • They offer real and meaningful content.
  • The yoga poses are presented in sequential and logical format.
  • They encourage cooperation and teamwork.
  • Children learn about a variety of topics.
  • Yoga builds strength and flexibility.
  • Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle and boosts energy.
  • Pairing stories and movement utilizes left- and right-brain thinking.
  • They tap into different intelligences.
  • Yoga eases tension, manages stress, and calms the mind.
  • Yoga stories cater to different learning styles.

For more information, see Benefits of Yoga and Storytelling for Kids.

What are some common yoga poses?

The first three yoga poses that my daughter learned were:

Downward-Facing Dog Pose
This one is an easy, calming posture that little ones love to do.  From all fours, pop your bottom up into the air, straighten your legs while keeping your palms flat on the floor, and come into an upside down V shape.  Once my daughter learned to do this one, she did it everywhere.

Tree Pose
Tree Pose was my daughter’s second posture.  Lift one leg and place the bottom of your foot against the inner thigh of your standing leg.  Then raise your arms and balance for ten counts. Shake it out and repeat on the other side. When we were walking down the street or at a park, my daughter would point at a tree and take up Tree Pose.  It became her way of expressing language through movement before she could use words.

Cobbler’s Pose
This pose looks a lot like a butterfly, and my little one loves butterflies.  Sit down on your bottom, bend your legs in front of you so that the soles of your feet are together, and flap your legs like wings.

These three poses reflect things easily found in natural environments.  Just like the Indian yogis who invented the poses thousands of years ago, kids enjoy mimicking their surroundings through movement.   Yoga postures are suitable for any age and these three poses are a great for beginners.

How do I get started practicing yoga with children?

  • Start small.  Practicing yoga for five minutes a day is better than an hour a week.
  • Incorporate yoga into your life.  Think of yoga as a lifestyle, not just something that you practice in a class once a week.
  • Create a ritual.  Just like brushing your teeth, build your family yoga practice into a daily or weekly ritual.
  • Be safe.  Choose a space clear of potential dangers.  Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and practice barefoot.
  • Be creative.  Kids yoga is not as formal as adult yoga.  Encourage your children to use their creativity and invent their own poses.
  • Take it with you.  Wherever you go, take your yoga practice with you–to the park, on holiday, to the campground, or to the beach.
  • Be flexible.  Create the structure, communicate your expectations, and suggest a topic for your family yoga experience.  Then allow room for spontaneity.
  • Consider their different learning styles.  Think about how your children learn best.  Your child will love the yoga experience if he or she feels safe, successful, and engaged.
  • Choose a topic.  Basing your yoga session on a particular theme or topic helps children to build connections, integrate their learning, engage in meaningful experiences, and have fun.

How do I build a yoga session around a topic?

  • Discuss the topic before the session.
  • Bring out props and read books related to the topic.
  • Do yoga poses that relate to the topic. For example, for a farm animal session, do poses based on animals like dogs, cats, horses, and ducks.

What yoga stories can I order?

Our yoga stories can be found on our Store page.  You can sort the yoga stories by category (ex. yoga books, coloring books, or foreign languages).  Yoga story themes include rainforest, beach, island, and animals around the world.  Our yoga stories for kids can be ordered via our website or Amazon worldwide.

What ages are your yoga books appropriate for?

Our toddler-preschooler series (ex. Good Night, Animal World and Hello, Bali) is perfect for 2 to 5 year olds.  Our other yoga stories (ex. Sophia’s Jungle Adventure, Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats, and Luke’s Beach Day) are aimed at 4 to 8 year olds.

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How long does the book shipping take?

Shipping in the United States usually takes 2 to 5 days.  International shipping is usually 7 to 14 days.

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