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3 Family Yoga Retreats to Strengthen the Bond with Your Children

Looking to bring together your passion for yoga and travel? Why not try a family yoga retreat! I asked to share their three most popular family yoga retreat destinations for your inspiration. Read below for family yoga retreats to France, Portugal, and India.

Human bonding is that process we all have to go through to build a close relationship. And believe it or not, some effort is needed to achieve this with your children and family. Simply living with someone doesn’t necessarily translate to quality time spent together; you must engage in bonding activities that actually make you interact and get to know each other.

Shop Yoga Books for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesA yoga retreat for families is always a good way to do that. It gives you some relaxing time without distractions, and you will learn new ways to live a healthy life and take care of your body and mind, all while spending time with your most loved ones! There are many options around the world that will accommodate the needs of your family, but here are three that will surely provide you with a family atmosphere.

Eight-Day Nature and Family Yoga Retreat in France

This summer retreat in Midi-Pyrenees, France, has been especially designed for families to spend quality time together in a natural setting. It incorporates yoga classes for children and parents, as well as guided nature walks, crafts, painting, and sculpting. Some evenings, there are campfires and singing, and many other activities will make sure your kids never get bored and that you get the chance to bring out your inner child.

The retreat includes vegetarian meals and unlimited snacks. The accommodation is in the charming and spacious La Borde Blanque, in private or shared rooms. It has a big garden, with lots of trees and a lake for everyone to enjoy a fun week.

Family yoga retreat in FranceFamily yoga retreat in France

Seven-Day Family Yoga Retreat in Portugal

Jenny and Igor, the organizers of this family-bonding retreat, have children themselves—that’s why they know how important quality family time is. You will strengthen your bonds by having fun, playing, and learning about nature on this week-long holiday in the Eco Resort Casa Vale de Lama in Portugal. Here you can all go to the beach, ride bikes together, and engage in the various activities for kids included in the program.

In addition, there are sessions of mindful parenting counseling, a daily yoga session for families, organic vegetarian meals, and snacks available all day long.

Family yoga retreat in PortugalFamily yoga retreat in Portugal

Three-Day Meditation and Relaxing Yoga Holiday in Goa, India

What better place to learn about yoga than India? This serene retreat in Goa has a great staff who makes anyone feel welcome. The yoga and meditation sessions are tailored for every age and level, and if you don’t have much time to spend away from home, it lasts just three days, so it is ideal for your children to come back to school with a fresh mind and a stronger bond with Mom and Dad.

The program offers plenty of free time for you to explore the beautiful surroundings with your family. The meals are included, as well as snacks, fruits and juices, so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your time together.

Family yoga retreat to India Family yoga retreat in India


Family yoga retreat ideas to France, Portgual, and India through | Kids Yoga StoriesFamily yoga retreat ideas

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