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Introducing the Family Yoga and Travel Contest Giveaway by Family on the Loose and Kids Yoga Stories

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I’m excited to introduce you to Bill Richards and Ashley Steel, authors of Family on the Loose: The art of traveling with kids.

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We were avid travelers before having a child, and naively thought that ‘life would continue without any changes’.  Well, traveling has become somewhat challenging.  We have been on numerous flights with our daughter to see her grandparents on two different continents, but each flight has been difficult.  Our dreams of traveling to Costa Rica, Columbia, and South Africa are on hold at the moment until we can figure out a way to travel well.

That’s where this book comes in.  After reading Family on the Loose, I have a renewed confidence that we will be able to travel again as a family.

What I love about the Family on the Loose book:

  • practical, informative, straightforward, comprehensive, and thorough
  • easy to read, as if you’re having a conversation with your friend about traveling
  • takes a holistic and educational point of view to traveling
  • the practical lists: first aid, day pack contents, packing lists (including a visual one for children), carry-on luggage
  • the engaging activities: airport activities, in-flight quiet activities,and mealtime activities
  • the creative ideas: plane gifts for different age groups, travel bingo, country craft ideas, and make your own board game
  • the fun printouts: museum activity sheet, budget spreadsheet, city scavenger hunt, and travel journal pages
  • the useful tips: breastfeeding on the plane, internet travel booking, planning timelines, and travel gear
  • the layout of the book with tips before, during, and after your travels

On page 87, there is a list of “Twelve Active Activities for the Airport”.  One suggestion on the list is: Yoga poses!  I was so excited to see the mention of family yoga in the book.  For specific ideas, read Travel Well: Practice Family Yoga at the Airport.

Check out their recently published article on ParentMap, titled Cross-Cultural Staycations: Visit 5 Countries Without Leaving Home.

Their Family on the Loose website is jammed-packed with information on global travel and full of inspiration.  I love their mission:  “For traveling parents who believe it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive. Our mission is to help you spark a passion for adventure, a love of cultural differences, and a vision of global responsibility in your children … without missing any of the fun of a trip well-taken.

About the Authors

Bill Richards and Ashley Steel have traveled to over forty countries and have two wonderful and well-traveled daughters. As a family, they have lived in or visited the United States, Canada, Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the United Kingdom. The idea for this book was hatched when they over-prepared for a trip to Japan and discovered that their preparations made the trip particularly successful. Bill Richards is an accomplished forest ecologist, specializing in restoring forest habitat for rare wildlife species. His work has appeared in the Natural Areas Journal, Conservation Biology, and Forest Ecology and Management. Bill grew up on both sides of the U.S.–Canadian border and accompanied his parents to over a dozen countries before graduating from high school. He has also lived and worked in Australia, Thailand, and Austria, and has traveled extensively in Central America, Eastern and Western Europe, and West, Southeast, and East Asia. E. Ashley Steel, PhD, is a research scientist specializing in river ecology and statistics. She spent many summers teaching science to kids at a University of Washington academic summer program, leading students on enriching adventures with activity pages and worksheets. She co-founded the Science Inquiry and Research Council (SIRC), a nonprofit organization focused on improving science education. Her published curriculum, The Truth About Science, has sold over 5,000 copies. Her academic travel bug was ignited in college during a semester in Denmark, and she has since been honored with a Luce Fellowship for a year in southern Thailand, and a Fulbright Fellowship to live and work in Austria.

Where to Purchase the Book:


Family on the Loose website


For this Family Yoga and Travel Contest Giveaway, we will be giving away:

family on the loose by bill richards and ashley steel

Other resources by Kids Yoga Stories:

We hope that both of these resources will inspire your families to travel to different countries through yoga or for real!

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The Family Yoga and Travel Giveaway

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9. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, August 4th, 2013.

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