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Children’s Yoga Books Giveaway

Children’s Yoga Books Contest Giveaway by ChildLight Yoga and Kids Yoga Stories

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As a parent and former teacher, it is a pleasure to introduce you to Lisa Flynn’s new book, Yoga for Children.  I love practical, inspiring, research-based, and user-friendly books that are written by experienced, passionate authors.  This will be my go-to reference book for kids yoga.  I often have families asking about how to get started with practicing yoga with children.  Well, here’s the perfect book!  My pre-release endorsement:

“Finally, a comprehensive resource with practical tips of how to introduce yoga into your everyday life. This book is a necessity for when you want to either relax and unwind, or get moving and laughing with your entire family. I LOVE it!
Giselle Shardlow, M.Ed.
Kids Yoga Stories

What I love about Lisa Flynn’s Yoga for Children book:

  • Overall layout of the book, with bright colors and professional photographs of children demonstrating the poses.
  • A comprehensive introduction with myths of yoga debunked, research-based benefits of yoga, age appropriate expectations and activities, and suggested props.
  • A list of yoga principles written in clear, meaning language, with related books and activities.
  • The list of ten tips of how to share yoga with children successfully.
  • A perfect resource for yoga beginners or experienced practitioners.
  • Offers tools to connect and bond with your children in fun, playful ways.
  • The practice is presented as creative, accessible, and holistic.
  • Details the different tenets of yoga, including meditation, breathing techniques, physical postures, family yoga, games, songs, chants, and relaxation.
  • Practical advice on how to create a yoga practice for your family that is either five minutes or one hour long.  Something to suit all families who would like to share the joy of yoga with their children.
  • Sample sequences to get you started with poses, including the benefits, what to do, and what to say.
  • Connection of yoga and story:

Incorporate themes and stories.  Four-to-6 year olds become especially engaged when stories and themes are incorporated into their yoga sessions.  Themes can be based on any interesting, child-friendly subject.  Some theme category ideas include places, animal groups, … and course, stories and adventure!  You can make up your own stories or use a picture book as a guide.  Books with animal adventures work best.  Inspiring your child’s imagination and creativity is easy with yoga!”  (p 34)

I couldn’t agree more with Lisa’s comments about the benefits of yoga and story.  Thanks, Lisa!

Besides being an amazing author, Lisa Flynn is a beautiful soul and does amazing work with ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms.  Definitely check out her resources, teacher trainings, and workshops.

For this Children’s Yoga Books Contest Giveaway, we will be giving away:

Other resources by Kids Yoga Stories:

We hope that both of these books will inspire your families to start and continue a regular yoga practice together!

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Children’s Yoga Books Giveaway

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9. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, July 7th, 2013.

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