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How to Get Started with Toddler Yoga

Danya Banya is a momma blogger from Sydney Australia who has two young girls. She writes about a variety of creative projects that inspire her family. Here is an article that I wrote for Danya’s readers about ways to practice toddler yoga:

10 Ways To Have Fun and Be Active With Your Toddler

A guide to creating a yoga-friendly environment with your family

I love practicing yoga with our daughter. It warms my heart.Shop Yoga Books for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

We learn, move, and have fun together. It’s awesome. We are on this yoga-inspired journey together, and I’m learning from her every day.

By introducing a light and playful yoga practice at home, I hope to encourage our daughter to build a healthy lifestyle, take responsibility for her actions, be compassionate, and generally enjoy a happy life.

10 ways to create a yoga-friendly environment with your toddler:

1. Act out books

2. Create their own special yoga space

3. Pretend to be animals

4. Bring awareness to their breath

5. Go on a field trip

6. Meditate together

7. Watch a kids yoga video together

8. Be outdoors

9. Relax and rest together

10. Experience yoga everywhere

Read the whole Have Fun and Be Active with your Toddler article here.


Toddler in Child's Pose | Kids Yoga Stories

Image of our daughter in Child’s Pose on The Little Yoga Mat.


As you will see, yoga is so much more than the physical postures. This ancient wisdom also teaches us about breathing, mindfulness, relaxation, mantras, and the guiding principles to becoming a happy, responsible, and compassionate human being.

Sharing the gift of yoga with our daughter brings me so much joy.

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