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Ocean Yoga poses inspired by book by Giles Andreae for this month's Virtual Book Club for Kids >> Kids Yoga Stories

Ocean Yoga and Books by Giles Andreae

We love books by Giles Andreae! I only wish that I had discovered his work while I was still a teacher. Books by Giles Andreae are perfect for units of study on the ocean, the jungle, the farm, gardens, and safaris, which are all of my favorite topics. His illustrations are bright, colorful, and engaging, […]

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Garden Yoga poses for kids inspired by Eric Carle books >> Kids Yoga Stories

Eric Carle Books and Garden Yoga

My daughter’s school is just finishing up with their garden unit. They have been watching a classroom caterpillar as it turns into a butterfly, planting flowers in the front garden, and reading garden-themed books. It’s been fun seeing her get excited about learning – especially because the topic is meaningful to her as she watches […]

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Yoga Poses for toddlers inspired by Hello Baby! by Mem Fox >> Kids Yoga Stories

Mem Fox Book and Toddler Yoga

We love Mem Fox’s books at our house.  Possum Magic and Koala Lou are both favorites in our collection of Australian books.  We’ve made a special effort to expose our daughter to Australian-themed books and Australian authors as part of her heritage. Mem Fox lives in Adelaide, Australia, and has written over thirty children’s books.  […]

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