Halloween Coloring Page

Our daughter is almost two and a half.  This is the first year that we have celebrated Halloween with her.  My husband is Australian and didn’t celebrate Halloween growing up.  So this festive day is new to both of them.  We have been reading Halloween books, we went to two pumpkin patches, and we bought her a monkey costume.  Today she is going to a special Spanish Halloween story time at the library.  After nap, we will take her to a busy trick-or-treating street nearby to get amongst the action.  All is going well.

Except, there’s one problem.


I have been thinking about you take a toddler trick-or-treating and then tell her that she can’t eat the candy.  Or how do you give out candy to children at the door while you say no to your toddler?  Do you just put a sign up saying, “Sorry, we are away this year”?

Which got me thinking some more.  On the weekend, I took our daughter to a local Harvest Festival.  There were vendors there giving out all kinds of freebies.  Her favorite thing was a Halloween Coloring Page.  So, I had this thought.  What if we gave out Halloween coloring pages at the door instead of candy?  My husband says that kids expect candy and they should get candy.  But hey, I’m going to try it!

What do you think?

Fancy printing out a Halloween Coloring Page and passing out to your trick-or-treaters?  I’m going to do it!  Let me know if you do too!

A Halloween Coloring Page


Downloadable Kids Yoga Stories Halloween Coloring Page

Halloween Yoga Sequence – perfect activity for after trick-or-treating

Happy Halloween!


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