Collection of Monthly Chair Yoga Ideas for Kids - to easily add movement to your curriculum | Kids Yoga Stories

Collection of Chair Yoga Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for easy chair yoga themes for your classroom or homeschool?

I’ve put together a list of themes from our monthly chair yoga series to give you a starting point to introduce movement in the classroom in a fun, creative, and easy way. Each theme includes five yoga postures using a chair. Each yoga pose is intended to:

  • energize students at the beginning of the school day to get their minds ready to learn
  • give students a brain break after a long academic session
  • help students release energy after recess so they can focus on their next learning experience
  • introduce a new topic through movement and by stimulating their creative mindsShop Yoga Books for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
  • provide a quick and easy way to add movement after long periods of sitting
  • develop the student’s flexibility and strength
  • serve as inspiration that you can adapt to your classroom
  • help promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Year-Round Monthly Chair Yoga Themes for Kids

Click on the images or links below to find a monthly theme for inspiration. Also, find a featured yoga book to go along with each theme:

5 Winter Yoga Poses for Kids Using a Chair | Kids Yoga StoriesJanuary: Winter Chair Yoga Jenny's Winter Walk yoga book by Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga StoriesJanuary Featured Yoga Book:
Jenny’s Winter Walk
5 Yoga Animal Poses Using a Chair for your classroom or homeschool | Kids Yoga StoriesFebruary: Animals Chair Yoga Yoga book for toddlers: Good Night, Animal World by Kids Yoga StoriesFebruary Featured Yoga Book:
Good Night, Animal World
Practice these five garden yoga poses for kids using a chair in your classroom or homeschool | Kids Yoga StoriesMarch: Garden Chair Yoga Award-Winning Rachel's Day in the Garden yoga book | Kids Yoga StoriesMarch Featured Yoga Book:
Rachel’s Day in the Garden
Practice these 5 Desert Yoga Poses Using a Chair in your Classroom or Homeschool | Kids Yoga StoriesApril: Desert Chair Yoga
(+ Printable Poster)
Emily's Day in the Desert yoga book | Kids Yoga StoriesApril Featured Yoga Book:
Emily’s Day in the Desert

Come back regularly for more monthly themes!



Collection of Monthly Chair Yoga Ideas for Kids - to add movement to your curriculum in a fun, creative, and easy way| Kids Yoga StoriesMonthly Chair Yoga Themes

Download 40 Kid-Friendly Chair Yoga Pose PNG Images

You can purchase 40 PNG images to create your own sequences, make up your own yoga cards, or design your own yoga games:

Download Chair Yoga Poses for Kids PNG Images | Kids Yoga Stories

40 Chair Yoga Poses for Kids Images40 Kid-Friendly Chair Yoga Pose PNG Images Download

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